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Women inspiring women

Learn more about some tips and tricks from Ann, Carla and Silke, female leaders at Roche Diagnostics.

Ann, Carla and Silke - three dedicated female leaders who have been working at Roche for ten, fifteen and almost twenty years, shared their experiences at the lunch and learn at Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz. They talked about: their career choices as a family decision, inspiration at work and the value of trust in your abilities. Even though they work in different departments, the three ladies share a similar attitude towards their careers.  

Being a team member - not a female team member

Not only was I often the only woman in the team, but also the youngest

Silke took the challenge of often being the only woman in the team and also the youngest as something positive. She always valued herself as an equal team member.  All three agreed, that a woman should not make “being a woman” a topic. Instead, a woman should be overcoming the insecurity and start seeing oneself as an equal part of the team, which is be smart and intelligent as her peers no matter the gender. Trust in your abilities, celebrate your success and get back up after a failure and learn from it. Even if you match the role or task to “only 70%” - trust your abilities!

Step back, take a deep breath and keep going

Dealing with drawbacks is about having the right attitude: Not seeing them as failure, but learn how to handle it and to do better in the future. Life does not always go smoothly. Therefore their advice is to take a step back from the situation, take a deep breath and observe what has to be changed for the next time in order to learn from negative situations and continue to grow. 

Energy & inspiration 

Instead of having one role model, the three leaders are mostly inspired by the people and the teams around them. For the daily challenges at work, they are convinced to receive most of the positive energy in the exchange with peers and employees. The support of their environment has always been key to them - every decision regarding their career has been a family decision.  

Along their paths they have also been inspired by various leaders, some who were leading by example, but also from bad examples of leaders by observing what to do differently. 

Ann, Carla and Silke would not change a thing in their life and especially their career. Life is about being curious, keep learning and be open to opportunities. 

To start off your career, use Carla’s tips for more confidence: 

  • Keep a journal of your personal success-stories to get back to it and remember them
  • Focus on positive feedback, instead of the negative ones
  • Show a little bit of mercy with yourself

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