Meet Jacob, HR Perspectives at Roche

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Hi, my name is…

…Jacob, an HR Perspectives participant currently based at the UK Pharma affiliate as an HR Business Partner. Prior to taking up my current role, I had great assignments in Basel and South Korea as an HR data analyst and Learning & Development (L&D) specialist, respectively. I hold a Master’s degree in International Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences, Worms, in Germany, and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. I come from Ghana, West Africa, and I love playing music and connecting with people during my free time. As a personal goal, I plan to learn to swim by the end of the year.

My typical day at work…

…includes a variety of activities. One day I'm having “people discussions” with business leaders about our talent pipeline, the next I'm partnering with my client groups in rolling out projects. As an HR Business Partner, I’m frequently having discussions about how to set up the organisation in terms of talent identification, development and succession planning. My daily activities have a good mix of both the strategic and the operational, as well as global and affiliate activities. While the strategic activities enable me to prepare for “tomorrow”, the operational ones help solve “today’s” problems.

The location I’m working at is…

…Welwyn, UK, where I have been for about six months. It feels like home already. Being the Roche UK head office, the Welwyn site has both global and affiliate organisations, which offer a great opportunity to understand the nature of the business from both standpoints. The office has a gym, football club and several wellbeing groups on site to ensure employees stay healthy. The Roche office is located about half an hour away from London by train, and once in Welwyn, the company provides a shuttle from the city centre to the office premises.

My work helps Roche in …

…building its talent pipeline. I’m constantly taking people leaders on a journey to learn how to have development discussions and identify the potential in the people they manage. Additionally, by using data in my day-to-day interactions with business leaders, I can provide them with a sound basis for making business decisions.

Roche as an employer…

…has been very instrumental in my career development. I started off in Basel as a data analyst, then moved to South Korea as an L&D specialist, and then finally arrived in the UK as an HR Business Partner. These experiences have really helped give me an open mindset and have increased my exposure to several areas in Human Resources. I have also managed to expand my knowledge about both the Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics business through my interactions with business leaders.

In the HR Perspectives Programme, we’re looking for people who…

…have an open mindset and continuously seek opportunities to develop, while transferring the learnings from their experiences. Applicants should have a passion for Human Resources, aspire to be leaders, and see challenges as an opportunity to come up with creative solutions.

How would you describe working in the Perspectives Programme in three words?

Amazing!! Challenging!! & Fun!!!

What advice would you give a new colleague joining your department?

My advice for new colleagues is to stay forever curious because it is only then that you realise opportunities to grow and develop. Learning is a journey that never ends – as long as we stay curious we will always discover things we did not yet know.

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