Meet Flavio, Development Engineer at Roche Diagnostics

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Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, my name is Flavio and I work as a Development Engineer for Roche Diagnostics International. I was born and raised in the countryside near Lucerne, where I still live today.

I started my career with an apprenticeship in application development. After its completion I continued my journey and started studying Information Technology with a specialization in Software Systems at the Lucerne University of Sciences and Arts, where I got my bachelor’s degree.

In my spare time I love to travel extensively. While traveling you are able to visit a lot of different breathtaking places, experience new cultures, and of course also taste a diverse variety of food and drinks. Our planet has many places worth traveling to and Switzerland is no exception. I also love my home country and can be spotted on the ski slopes during the winter and at the lakes during the summer.

In which Roche location do you currently work and what can you tell us about that location as a work environment?

I work for Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz. This site has grown significantly within the last couple of years. The Rotkreuz campus consists of many new and modern buildings, which make a nice impression as a whole. The offices are well equipped with good infrastructure and the workplaces are nice to work in. In many places you can look out the window to see the nice landscape. Since I commute by car, the direct access to the highway is excellent. Nevertheless, commuting by public transport is easily possible as well thanks to the train station in Rotkreuz.

My second work location is in Marlborough (Massachusetts) in the US. I am actually, right now, while writing this blog, on a flight to Boston. The Roche Marlborough site is much smaller than the one in Rotkreuz but does have its charm as well. It is integrated within a business park and contains many nice brick buildings. This site is more in the countryside and is located about 40 minutes outside of Boston.

Why did you decide to join Roche and why at this location?

After my studies, I started to work at an engineering company, where I was an external contractor for Roche for three and a half years. During this time I always liked to work at Roche Rotkreuz: many interesting projects, an international/multicultural environment, and the career opportunities coupled with the possibility of traveling. Additionally and most importantly, you can affect and change something in patients’ lives. All this finally made me decide to join the Roche family.

What is your current position at Roche?

I am working in the software development department where we create software for diagnostic instruments. This is a very interesting and challenging domain. Controlling electronic and mechanical parts within the instrument is only one aspect. Additionally, you have to gain business know-how to understand the workflows running on the system and to see the needs of the customer in order to be able to create software which truly brings a benefit.

Currently I am wearing different hats within Roche. This is challenging but also interesting. My roles include:

  • Product Owner: Defining and documenting work packages for the software development teams.
  • Build and Release Engineer: Creating and maintaining software releases and their source code.
  • Software Configuration Manager: Managing the different software versions, including those in the field as well as those within the verification and validation process.
  • Interface between Marlborough and Rotkreuz: Streamlining communication for software-related topics between these two sites.

How would you describe Roche as an employer?

Roche is a very big and international company that invests a lot in being a good and interesting place to work. You get support in your personal development plans, with training courses on-site or at recognized institutions. The working conditions are great and include flexible working hours. The company also values know-how sharing which allows activities like “Lunch and Learns” where presentations are held about different business, project or technology related topics. Roche is an international company with people all over the globe, and in many positions or projects there will be interactions with multiple sites. A good business network within the company is of great value, and the company supports this with social events, meet and greets, and so on.

How would you describe the people working here?

There is a great variety of people working for Roche. In Rotkreuz you will find teams where each member is from a different country. This also brings a great foundation for good discussions and for finding solutions for different challenges that the teams are facing. Something which is shared in common is passion for what we do, engagement in the work, and commitment to reaching our goals.

How is your job connected to “Doing now what patients need next”?

We are working on instruments that diagnose patient samples. All the instruments have one thing in common: They are diagnosing samples in order to get the patients the right treatment. Our ambition is to produce improved instruments with enhanced feature sets to make the analysis easier, faster, more reliable and with a higher quality to provide the greatest possible value to the patients.

What would you advise job seekers who want to join us?

Be open, be passionate and be yourself!

To find out more about our currently open positions, they can visit  and to learn more about the site I work at they can check the Rotkreuz page on the website.

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