Meet Wolfgang, Health Economist at Roche

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a German native speaker, born in a small city between the border to Switzerland and Munich which is embedded in a geographical area called Allgäu. I have studied Health Economics and Health Care Management, which was the focus of both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Bayreuth. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, doing a variety of activities regardless of the season. I am addicted to sports and specifically enjoy the diversity of the Triathlon. I love to spend time with my family and friends, traveling, eating good food, especially fish and Mediterranean food bring a smile to my face.

In which Roche location are you currently working and what can you tell us about that location as a work environment?

I am currently working at the headquarter site in Basel. The diversity of cultures and disciplines is omnipresent on the site. What I like is the campus feeling at the site as well as the offer provided by the Roche Sports Club. With the lockers and showers available at the site you can easily go for a run or yoga session over lunch with your colleagues and return re-energized to your desk.

Why did you decide to join Roche and why this location?

During my studies, I worked for a few months at another pharmaceutical company in a similar department. Afterwards, I was keen to further understand how a market access department interacts with an affiliate while trying to maintain a global point of view. I got in contact with Roche after an alumnus from my university had made a speech at the annual homecoming event.

What is your current position at Roche?

I work as a health economist in the Global Pricing and Market Access department. As healthcare systems in the world are resource-constrained, decision-makers as governments or insurance companies need to make an evidence-based decision about how to spend limited resources. Whether a decision-maker chooses to fund a new healthcare intervention or not can be influenced by a number of factors. One of these is economic evaluation of the intervention in terms of costs and health outcomes. Others include clinical data, medical need or budget impact. Access to healthcare is a global challenge and numerous hurdles prevent patients from it. We are working on demonstrating the economic value our products bring to healthcare systems and society. The aim is to ensure that every person in need of our products has access to and benefits from them. We, the MORSE Health Technology Assessment Group, are strategic partners for internal and external stakeholders to deliver innovative credible payer evidence solutions to enable patient access to Roche medicines. We passionately deliver excellence in the generation and synthesis of payer relevant clinical, economic and humanistic evidence and proactively contribute to HTA methodologies. MORSE is more than just numbers.

How would you describe Roche as an employer?

Innovation is the lifeblood of Roche and you feel that the company is driven by a scientific approach. Roche invests a lot in being a great place to work. There are comprehensive training opportunities to learn and develop. If you are eager to continuously improve then you are right here.

How would you describe the people working here?

My colleagues have very diverse educational and cultural backgrounds: 45 people represent around 20 different nationalities and a breadth of professions such as economics, statistics, epidemiology, mathematics, pharmacy, and medicine. Nevertheless, we all are working on being part of the solutions that will help to improve the life of patients.

What would you advise job seekers who want to join us?

Feel free to have a look at our careers website where job seekers can find open positions.

Thank you very much for your story!

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