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The Start PT Operations Rotational Development Program (ORDP) is a rotational programme. We hire top talents who have graduated within the last two years from university with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The programme prepares you for successful contributions to Roche Pharma Technical Operations (PT). Start PT ORDP offers the chance to design and implement new processes, develop project management expertise, support world-class manufacturing and help significantly drive business productivity and profitability.

Key facts:


Highly qualified university graduates with a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a scientific or engineering field and less than two years since graduating from a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme in:

  • Chemical, Industrial or Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology


Two-year trainee programme at Roche Basel/Kaiseraugst including rotations in any of the functional business areas of PT such as Biologics Manufacturing, Quality, Regulatory, Supply Chain, Strategy and Engineering, Product Development, as well as areas in Global Pharma Procurement.


Position based at the Roche headquarters in Basel/Kaiseraugst

Career benefits:

  • Varied and challenging project experiences in different departments and functions within PT
  • Regular feedback and development updates to ensure growth and development
  • Internal and external trainings/off-site events
  • Formal presentation opportunities at the completion of each rotational assignment

Who we are:

Roche Pharma Technical Operations (PT) means supplying critical healthcare products for people around the world: We currently have 15 plants at 11 sites in 10 countries. Our diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical products comprises innovative medicines based on both, traditional chemistry and biotechnology, for a variety of different therapeutic areas and in various dosage forms. Secure and speedy production is key, and it is coordinated from our headquarters in Basel.

You will start in September with an introduction program in South San Francisco (SSF) together with the SSF candidates: joint programme for team building.

The recruitment cycle for 2020 will start Q2, 2020. Start date of the programme will be September 1, 2020.

roche, careers, meet, people, switzerland

Hello, my name is Harriet and I am an ORDP trainee based in Basel. I was born in Hamburg, Germany and joined the Roche family prior to this programm through my cooperative university studies. I value the company culture and working environment as they ares very open and supportive, especially in terms of development, and gives you a great network where every team member can enhance their personality.

As an ORDP trainee, I am part of an international group, a team with members in their first and second year, which helps when challenges arise. Experiences can be exchanged and, together, insights into project management, technical experiences and more can be exchanged. It is great to learn how to connect and bond as a team with a 9-hour time difference. In addition, I took on the role of social chair within the governance committee, leading and organising social events, which provides me with further responsibility but also results in a lot of fun.

I am currently in my first rotation in the Pharma Technical Innovation (PTI) department. Here, I have been assigned to 3 different projects, which consume my entire attention and always provide me with tasks during the day. The “portfolio and resource management” project led me to learning the  smartsheet and Tableau softwares, two systems I will be able to use in my future career as well. It was necessary to be agile with this project as the department has been reorganised and therefore changes still occurred and common standards across PTI had to be found. This led to me cooperating with multiple colleagues and gave me further insights into their daily routines. Overall, I designed a portfolio and resource management tool within smartsheet for the teams in biologics and performed the process creation and optimisation as well as the training for all team members, as they will all use this tool in the future. Furthermore, I am able to inform and cooperate with the leadership team as they are going to use this tool to retain information as well. I especially like this project as I am seen as the subject matter expert and can make a lot of decisions on my own and take responsibility.

I have now joined the Health Authority Feedback Process at a critical point of the project. The team had already designed a process, but small adjustments were necessary and, due to a change of team members, further onboarding had to be performed. Here, the “go-live” started in 2019 and I am able to work on the business process and am involved in forming the team and creating guidance. Furthermore, I receive insights into the work with health authorities and the challenges that occur across different products both prior to and after launch. Preparing for and working at a workshop with this team formed a great community and enhanced my learning process in different fields within pharmaceutical- and also process-oriented topics. I enjoy the work on that project and see it as providing greater value to the company.

The department is very supportive of having a trainee, always equips me with tasks that are demanding, and includes me in any other activities such as general team meetings or after-work activities. The work is very diverse and no two days are the same, which contributes to an exciting work environment. 

roche, careers, meet, people, switzerland

Hi, I am Mahdi Tamizifar and I am originally from Tehran, Iran. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Iran. Then in 2015, I moved to Switzerland to study for an M.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering, as well as a minor in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Throughout my studies, previous internships, and work experiences, I always enjoyed being at the interface of business and technology and it was one of my main criteria for choosing a career after my Master’s. Therefore, it is no surprise that as soon as I learned about ORDP at Roche, I realised it was an opportunity I just could not afford to miss. Being at Roche now is a dream come true, as I am in a highly innovative science-based company tackling complex business challenges.

Thanks to its 17-year heritage, ORDP is a well-structured and prestigious programme at Roche designed for recent graduates. The 4 different rotations and the programme structure are managed precisely to maximise the outcome for the trainee and the company. Since the beginning of my first rotation in Procurement, I have been involved in strategic and critical business challenges which offer a unique development possibility. I work with managers and senior leaders on a daily basis to drive initiatives and processes which enable us to better serve our mission of improving patients’ lives.

Now, just 4 months into this programme, I am surprised by how well recognised ORDP is within the organisation, and how easy it is to network with others as an ORDP trainee. During these months, I have connected with a wide network of colleagues, peers, ORDP alumni, and mentors, who support and help me flourish at every step of my path.

And last but not least, working at Roche alongside numerous long-tenured colleagues in a friendly working environment indeed feels like being part of a big family. Diversity and inclusion are engraved in Roche’s corporate culture and can be easily recognised by just looking at the profile of ORDP trainees.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have specific questions about the programme.

roche, careers, meet, people, switzerland

I am currently on a hybrid rotation in the Network Strategy Team within the Supply Chain organisation. The rotation consists of two parts: the process automation improvement project and the Strategic Planner role for a selected group of products. The assignment allows me to apply my analytical skills to the real-world business planning process and contribute to the success of the team. It also helps me gain a deep understanding of the connection between the business planning process and Pharma Technical Operations at Roche.

The people at the company are highly professional, open for discussions and passionate about what they do. The diversity of the Roche workforce is very inspiring, and meeting people from all over the world with different backgrounds makes this experience truly outstanding. The Operations Rotational Development Programme is an amazing opportunity to explore different areas within Roche Pharma and challenge yourself with the support of experienced professionals. (Aleksandra)