Student Internships

As an intern at Roche, you can participate in the important work that is helping to change patients’ lives all over the world.

For enrolled Bachelor and Master students we offer the opportunity to gain insights into the following specialist areas over a three- to twelve-month period:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Production
  • Business functions

Open internships you find here.

Roche Internships for Scientific Exchange (RiSE)

Roche Internships for Scientific Exchange (RiSE) is an internship programme designed to allow talented PhD and medical students to work together with Roche scientists in Basel, Switzerland on projects in neuroscience, ophthalmology and rare diseases. Lasting three to nine months, RiSE internships give students an opportunity to learn about typical processes in a commercial working environment.

More information about the RiSE programme you find under Click here to see the open RiSE internships.

Roche Internships in Medicinal CHemistry (RiCH)

The Roche Internship in Medicinal Chemistry (RiCH) Programme invites chemistry students who are in their penultimate or last year of study to become an integral part of one of our Medicinal Chemistry laboratories in Basel, Switzerland for one year. Medicinal Chemistry is at the heart of the drug discovery process and the successful applicant will synthesise novel molecules for innovative biological targets at one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

More information about the RiCH programme you find under Click here to see the open RiCH internships.

Roche Internship in Small Molecules (RiSM)

The Roche Internship in Small Molecules (RiSM) programme is designed to help life science and engineering students become an integral part of one of our Small Molecules Technical Development Units in Basel, Switzerland. 

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