PIMS, Pharma Informatic Madrid Site. Our global IT Center rocks!

Situated next to Avenida de America in Madrid, the Roche Global IT Center is at the heart of a large scale IT infrastructure supporting more than 100'000 users around the globe. More than 500 highly qualified IT technicians and engineers:

  • Define the architecture,
  • Design and build,
  • Support and operate 24/7 a broad range of solutions

Compute Platform Servers & Storage, Compute System Management, Network Data, Telecom & Video, Security & IAM, Integration, Middleware & App. Services, Client Platform, Mobility and UCCC are examples of technical areas we work in.

Additionally, experts in processes, procurement, quality and project managers are driving and supporting projects deploying cutting edge technology in more than 100 countries.

At Roche, we believe our staff is our best asset this is why we do most of these technologies internally, creating opportunities for people development.

The Madrid center is a global site and part of AE&O (Architecture, Engineering & Operations).

Architecture sets our architectural and product standards setting direction for “Group Optimized” solutions across our Technology Architecture Framework.  Works with Portfolio Architects and Business to enable business strategies with IT strategies and roadmaps

Engineering takes the standards to run POCs, design and then build the components which can be reused as needed by Operations and customer facing Informatics groups.

Operations deliver our solutions to enable an efficient, reliable IT environment

Portfolio, Project & Account Management provides planned, predictable execution for projects and account management.

Who we are?

Clearly multicultural (more than 20 nationalities are represented in the center), the working environment is also appealing for its global aspect.

Part of a global network of key sites (San Francisco, Basel, Shanghai...) we collaborate in English with colleagues across the globe to deliver innovative solutions (first company to deploy google suite to 100'000+ users, largest enterprise Mac users community in the world: 20'000+, fully automated virtual server environment and High Density Data Center enabling our hybrid cloud strategy....).

Roche is not a company like others, our purpose at Roche It is to support researchers, developers and scientists discovering new drugs that save life's.

Founded in 2003, the center is still continuing to grow. We have enrolled more than 100 experts last year and are constantly hiring talents to join our teams. We encourage and recognize Smart, Curious, Multicultural, Accountable and Fun people. Are you?

Want to work in global projects and cutting edge technologies in Madrid? Want a job that as a real purpose in a leading healthcare company? Join us...

Clint Walker

Global Head of Engineering
Pharma Informatics Madrid Site (PIMS) Head

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