Meet Ismael


1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Huesca, a small town in the south side of the Pyrinees. I went to the School of Medicine and I worked for a while as a physician in a rural environment. During my military service I was assigned to a military hospital in Madrid. There I started my PhD in Medicine and went to the School of Informatics. After my military service I started to work as a clinical researcher in Gregorio Marañón Hospital. When my first child came I needed to earn some money and I decided to give a try to the informatics business. I was surprised by the dynamism of this sector and I have been working in this area since then. I have been doing development, It infrastructure management, projects… I have an MBA, a Master in Pharmaceutical Regulation and many others courses.

I joined Roche in 2004 to take over the IT Infrastructure of Nutley site. Since then I have been doing many different things. The most challenging one, that I am really passionate about, is how to transform an organization into a learning team. This is what continuous improvement is about and the arena where our daily job occurs.

2. In which Roche location are you currently working and what can you tell us about that location as a work environment?

I’m located in Madrid at PIMS. PIMS stands for Pharma Informatics Madrid Site. This is a building in which are located the teams engaged in the management of IT Infrastructure of Roche Group. It is highly attractive to manage systems all around the world and be part of a multicultural team spread across all the time zones. On top, the physical proximity in one location enables the flourishing of collaborative ideas among the different teams. And these ideas can be enacted worldwide immediately.

3.You are working as Global Head of Delivery & Process Operation. What can you tell us about your role and your team function in Roche?

We like to think in D.P.O. that we strive for perfection in IT Operations. Our role is duofold. In one side we try to position the continual improvement in the center of the life of the organization. We use Lean and six sigma methodologies with the goal of transforming IT operations in a learning organization in which the people is really the main asset.

The other aspect of our role is to maintain the right to operate. We are taking care that IT Operations is fulfilling all the compliance and quality rules. This is significantly important in Roche because the quality of our products and our social responsibility are in the center of our work.

4. What are the main priorities and objectives for Delivery & Process Operation?

For this year the main goals are related to initiatives to improve the way we work in IT Operations. Mainly they are related to increase the reliability of the whole IT infrastructure like  stabilizing and transforming the Change management process, continue deploying our Lean Initiative or Business Continuity in IT Operations. I have to say that we are obtaining quite good results.

3. Can you name a person who has influenced you to be a leader? And what is the most grateful part of being a leader?

I can name a lot of people because they offered me the opportunity to learn from them along my life. The most important for me is my dad that teach me that see the opportunity and not the only the problem is always a personal option. I remember too my first mentor. He was a pediatrician in an small town. He always treated his patients, the children, with a deep love and using all the resources that the science put in his hands. From him I learned to love passionately your job and the importance of mastering your profession.

For me the best part of being a leader is the big opportunity that you have of co-create; meaning build something meaningful with the contribution of all your team members. It can only occur if mutual trust and respect are the foundation for the team work environment.

5. What has Roche offers you here, instead of a traditional IT company?

The sense of accomplishment. Here in Roche I feel that everything we do will finally help the patients. This is also the mission in life of a physician.

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