Meet Borja and the Project Management Team

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hola, my name ist Borja. I was born in Madrid, Spain where I grew up close to the Bernabeu Stadium, you can wonder which team do I support. I am married and have 2 kids, aged 9 and 4 months.

I have lived in Basel for 2 years and as well 3 years in San Francisco, I loved both places and from now on those are my other 2 homes where I left many friends.

Among my hobbies are playing any kind of sports( although currently I am playing padel tennis), as well I like photography , travelling to new places, playing being an amateur film critic , of course the technology (and anything related to gadgets) and being a foodie with my friends. Friendship is an important part of my life as I still maintain friends from where I was 6 or 7 years old.

2. In which Roche location are you currently working and what can you tell us about that location as a work environment?

At the Roche Global IT center located in Madrid . We are more than 300 highly qualified  enthusiasts in Informatics pursuing  to add value to our company.

The best way to find about the work environment  would be to come to our office and to experience it yourself . Open offices makes collaboration easier, people are very open which is great to interact with . I value personally that despite the hard work and long working hours when needed, the spirit is always positive and the site is key promoting fun ,healthy , and multi cultural activities . This could be summarized when a new Project Manager joined our team and after several months on the job she told me “I want to retire here already , my colleagues are being really helpful with me, the company respects their employees and want to retain the talent, and the company events are amazing , this is Disney compared to where I come from”

3.You are working as Team Head of Project Management Madrid. What can you tell us about your role and your team function in Roche?

The role of the team head  is to ensure that the capacity and skills of the Project Management pools fits to the assigned Project Portfolio within AE&O and is aligned with the broader PI infrastructure business demand and strategies. As well making sure that the scoping and setup of a project is aligned with expectations from the customer, reflecting the capabilities of the PM team members and managing their development.

Our Project Managers are responsible for managing assigned resources, effectively tracking budgets and financial forecasts, creating and tracking detailed project plans (deliverables, tasks, activities and milestones), leading and facilitating project meetings as well as proactively controlling project scope, risks and issues.  They provide timely status reports to all stakeholders and escalate issues to the appropriate management level.

4. What are the main priorities and objectives for Project Management?

Our team mission is to drive and deliver excellence in project planning & execution, with planned , predictable and improving performance. The projects that we manage is the entire AE&O portfolio and Collaboration & Shared Platforms projects from SP&A.

5. Can you name a person who has influenced you to be a leader? And what is the most grateful part of being a leader?

All my managers have influenced me at work in one way or another . Cheryl Kubsch an IT Manager specially created a big impact on me as she was able to lead under extremely difficult situations inspiring the team to achieve the goal with clear communication and honesty.  But in my life without a doubt my father and my mother, I am truly grateful of how they have shaped me and the values that are now part of me.

The best part is to be able to work with people, understand their strengths and areas of improvements so you are able to help them being more successful. It is great to be part of their achievements and putting them on top of your personal ones, when your team is successful at the end you have achieved yours as well.

6. What is it about Roche that keeps you here instead of a traditional IT company?

First of all  because of the purpose of the company , in other IT companies you are not improving patients lives. Even though might look like IT Infrastructure is far away from the core business I am experiencing that IT is getting closer and closer  to the core of the company. As an example is that Personalized Healthcare (PHC)  is part of the Roche strategy and the role of IT is key enabling and driving this business-critical technology.

And then if you add the culture of the company, how it takes care of the employees, the opportunities that offers to work in different locations, to be able to develop your professional career in different disciplines and areas of expertise, how it promotes work life balance and working hard but having fun as well, then you need to agree, this is a great place to work.    

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