Meet Jose David


Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is José David, but here the people used to call me JD. I was born in Fort Collins, USA, but I grew up in Córdoba, where my parents are from.

Tell me about your career path. What was your first job?

I remember several “first” jobs, the first one I remember was in a kindergarten, babysitting during a parents meeting and I earned 1000 pesetas (6 euros, even less now) for my end-of- studies trip; I was 13 years old at the time. My first job related to my current professional career was in a consultancy company developing projects, development of the stakeholders meeting being my most important one.

When did you start at Roche and why did you join the company?

I started at Roche on 5th November, 2012, I was really nervous so I can remember every single detail: the different people I met that day, my awful ID picture (nobody had told me about that photo), the welcome aboard training…. Everything.  The reason I applied for a position in Roche was the challenge it posed and the aim of the company. I liked the fact that Roche has an international working environment. I had worked for international companies before and with workmates from all over the world, but not at this level, and that was a challenge and a dream come true for me. I studied different options to attain what I wanted but the working environment at Roche, as well as its purpose, were the main reasons for me wanting to working with them. What is more, they also wanted me to work with them, so it was a clear cut decision. 


What is it about Roche that keeps you here instead of a traditional IT company?

As I have said before, one of the reasons I like working for Roche is its purpose. I find it satisfying to work in a company whose main objective is saving lives. There are also several aspects that I think are fulfilling, especially working in a multicultural environment with such great people and such excellent professionals, I love that. Right now I have a new workmate and when I asked him about his impressions during his first week at Roche, he replied that people looked as if they were happy while they worked. So it may well be that, I am really happy to be here and to be part of Roche.

I would like to know more about your passions outside of work.

Maybe that is the most difficult questions for me to answer, as I might leave something of out. I love travelling, learning and animals, specially my friend Bowlby Boo. Also I love to collect coins, banknotes and anything that seems interesting. I am a supporter of Atlético de Madrid, and it is the perfect excuse for me to be with my friends. The perfect day for me would be getting in my car with Bowlby Boo and driving to no particular destination.

How can you describe yourself in one word? I know, it is not the easiest question, but often what first comes to your mind says a lot.



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