Meet Enmanuel

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born in Madrid 37 years ago, I’m married and have one lovely daughter. Passion and energy can define, “in two words” how I face my live. My hobbies are mainly my family. My kid is three years old, she started today the school. I try to spend as much time as I can with family & friends, in our house, either in the playground we have or in the swimming pool (mainly in the summer of course!) I love to spend time with my wife, we enjoy shopping together, and we take our daughter with us.

Motorcycling and IT are my second passion. I have two motorbikes and commute every single day to come to Josefa, no matter the weather, so I´m able to combine two of my passions while I’m coming to the office. Plus I try to go to the track a couple of times per year.

Regarding IT, I try to experiment with new applications that can maximize my productivity as well with easy games to share with my kids.

My journey started at Roche more than ten years ago. I’m in the IT world for more than twenty years and have the luck to manage teams for more than seventeen.

I really love this organization, the people working here and all around the world and it is really amazing and together we create a dynamic environment.

Why did you decide to join Roche?

I decided to join Roche, because it is a big company, and I had really good references at that moment. It was, for me “the opportunity”.

What Roche offered me at that moment were two things; to work in a multinational environment and the opportunity to travel abroad. We spent in the States long periods of time around 3 to 4 weeks each trip. That was fantastic, because I had the chance to, not only to meet coworkers but also to stay there, know the culture, as well as the country. It was the perfect combination for me, and it was the start of a journey.

What is your current job and what can you tell us about it? What makes it such a great job?

Right now I am the GIS Madrid Site Manager. This is a really challenging position for me, coming from 10 years in Operational departments.  Within this role I manage the relationship with the affiliate and the rest of Pharma Informatic Sites around the world. In addition I take the responsibility of every aspect that could affect the building, working with Facilities and HR and more important the people inside. To do this, I have the help of the GIS Management whose is working to make this site a better place to work.

As well I promote GIS (Global Infrastructure & Solutions) as a IT reference site, within Roche as part of the Pharma Informatics Sites Network, and outside which is the next step we are working now, with HR. We have the challenge to promote the site and to become a reference in Spain as an IT Excellence Center, even though we work in a pharma company: we are at the state of the art of the technologies.

We want to show to all the IT gurus outside, that they have an opportunity here, not just to join a big multinational company, but also to join a real Cutting Edge Technology center.

Which has been your biggest challenge at Roche/GIS?

In the meantime it has been IT ROKS 2014. The preparation of it was amazing, lots of work, fantastic collaborations with  all the colleagues here, the Site LT, Everyone here was very involved on the creation of IT ROCK 2014 . It has been the biggest challenge that I had to face so far, but I am willing to have more of them

Now we are working on a lot of initiatives, as I said before to promote the center outside of Roche, working with the affiliate (Commercial Operations) to bring more knowledge of business here, etc.

How do you foresee the future of GIS?

GIS has now its own identity and how I see the future is more and more integrated on AE&O (Arquitecture, Engineering & Operations) as a Pharma Informatic Site. GIS is already critical for the success of the company. We need to realize that we are the main site for AE&O, however we have colleagues from other areas here, so that means the we really can show outside how we are working together in a single building.

However, the future of GIS is to deliver more value to Roche. We have amazing minds here. We need them to work where our customers need our help by creating new standards based in new technologies, thus we serve better not only Roche but the patients at last. Hence, the need to redefine how we do the things to keep AE&O adding to the value chain will be critical in the future.

Pick one of the attributes of Roche and explain what it means to you?

Let me sum up. We have Multicultural, Fun, Smart, Curious and Accountable. Probably, my favorite one is Accountable because everything that this word means. Not only for GIS but for Pharma IT as a whole. Means that you are a proactive person, that you are part of the solution, you want to do something, you are positive, you are willing to solve problems, to negotiate, you know that whatever you do, is a mix of providing some things but requesting others.

It’s accountable because it probably integrates most of the other values. If you are accountable, you will be proactive, positive, that means you are fun, you’re open to learn from others, you’ll be multicultural because you are willing to work with other cultures and open mind. Even more, you are smart because you’re able to recognize a great solution, no matter where it comes from. And finally taking in to account what have said you are curious. So, my favorite one is definitely accountable. A

How would you describe the people working here?

The people in GIS is passionate with what they are doing, eager to collaborate, to learn and to support Roche, and they’re willing as well to make Roche grow.

Why GIS is becoming more and more relevant in Roche IT Infrastructure

Nowadays, IT world is moving even faster than ever. AE&O is managing, probably, the biggest and most important part of Roche’s IT infrastructure. It holds in one group, engineering -supporting all the clients around the world and delivering cutting edge technology standards every month-, Architecture – defining the road maps of where are we going and where we want to go-, PPA –enabling those key projects  for our success & taking care of our IT partners- and finally Operations -responsible of maintaining this infrastructure up & running-.

So, we keep the business running, every single day, and we are more and more requested to be more efficient & reliable, flexible while we keeping our Quality and security standards. Guess what? we are able to achieve it!!. We have around 700 incredible members within AE&O, and our infrastructure is more reliable, is faster and more resilient and at the same time we are able to provide more personalized services to support now what patients need next.

Complete the sentence: GIS is a great place to develop your career as IT professional because…

Here you will find cutting edge technologies, new challenges, a multicultural site, a great work environment and that your opinion counts. If you are accountable to manage your career, GIS is your place to work.

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