Meet Cristina

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Cristina Prieto. A computer Science Engineer, born in Spain and working in IT even before ending my University studies. Some of the companies I have worked for are: Motorola, IBM, Microsoft and my current job at Roche. The diversity of my roles in these organisations has given me the opportunity to develop my career interests in a wide range of aspects within the IT world, from programming to engineering at IBM, IT consultancy for Microsoft, as well as all the opportunities and roles played at Roche.

Here I started as a Windows Engineer. Afterwards, and during a couple of years, I played a role as project/program manager. Then, I worked as Service Delivery Manager for the global Head of Engineering, ensuring the proper instruction and operation of any topic affecting the Engineering department, regarding Quality (including audits), Processes (ITIL), budgeting, project portfolio, as well as HR reorganizations. In 2009, I accepted the challenge to be the Head of Problem Management. Even though this work started in Engineering, after several months it was moved to a different organization, Service desk, closer to other ITIL processes and customers.

In this role, I had the opportunity of creating this team and function from scratch, providing a framework to work in root cause analysis for any critical business disruption related to infrastructure technology and covering the Globe.

What is your current job?

Already four years ago, I returned to my origins as an engineer, leading a team of experts who provide a multitude of services such as consultancy, technical leadership in projects, 3rd level support, solution design, test and build, first implementation and handover to Operations within their domain of expertise. We are more than twenty professional, distributed around the globe and with a variety of background and expertise within the Network and Facilities IT ( Video Conference, Teleconference, IP phone and connectivity solutions, etc. )

Why did you decide to join Roche?

My decision was taken 13 years ago, and knowing what I know now, I should have done it even earlier. My intention at that point in time was to work in a place where I could see the continuity of my assignments and perceive the value of my deliverables. My experience here has showed that this is a company full of opportunities if you want to grow as a professional.

In which Roche location are you currently working?

I’m based at the Madrid IT Site. At this location, some of the best examples of the different opportunities at Roche coexist. On one side you have the Spanish environment , a great atmosphere of smiling people who have fun while delivering high quality standards; and on the other side, the opportunity to grow in a global environment, with all that this entails, such as learning from the many different cultures we are in touch with.

What makes this such a great job?

First of all, the team is fantastic! Full of knowledgeable people with high levels of autonomy, as well as a great sense of being part of a team. The possibilities ahead of this team are enormous, being able to develop themselves within their area of expertise, technically speaking, but also able to grow working in a global environment full of challenges and life experiences.

What kind of training do you provide in this job to get them up to speed and to let them progress in their career?

Training at Roche is very extensive, starting with internal processes and the main rules associated to a highly regulated environment as is the pharmaceutical industry. Additional to this, employees count with deeper on-the-job training, supported by a mentor. Other development needs will be reassessed regularly to ensure alignment with the requirements of the job.

People are interesting in understanding their career paths. What are common next jobs once they have performed well in the current position for a couple of years?

I think that in that sense I can lead by example. Looking at the amount of opportunities I have enjoyed, you can see how Roche facilitates the career development. This is a company where you can take the reins of your career, and expect that Roche will provide you with the required tools and support.

What kind of person would really work well in your team?

In three words I look for somebody smart, curious and accountable. And clearly with sound knowledge and a broad and demonstrated experience in the Video & Voice Domain for global environments.

What would you advise job seekers who want to join us?

We will offer a fantastic opportunity for their development. We are very selective in looking for a profile that fits our expectations, not just with technical skills, that are a must anyway, but also seeking for the best in class regarding soft skills. So, come prepare to demonstrate to us that you will mean a difference to the team, and that not getting you onboard will clearly be a mistake.

Can people connect with you on Linkedin?

Sure, I’ll be happy to respond to any person interested in working with us via Linkedin.

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