PIMS Events: Thursdays Breakfast & Snacks


In PIMS we believe in the importance of sharing our projects, and the weight of working in a good environment,  and that’s why we decided to create a frequent event where we can explain what we are doing, but also where we can spend time with our colleagues, out of our routine. That´s why we are celebrating every Thursday a Breakfast in the morning or Snack in the afternoon.

During this event, the speaker or speakers, present a subject while the employees enjoy some food and beverages , and we have the opportunity to network and enjoy this time with our colleagues.

This initiative has been going on since January 2013. Many different speakers, Area´s Head, Managers or Employees, have presented several topics such as Departments Goals or projects where they are involved at that moment. Also it has been used to talk about new tools or procedure available and friendly introduced to peers and functions. Furthermore these events have been a great opportunity to celebrate with our employees some special occasions like our birthdays.

The purpose of the Thursdays Breakfast or Snacks is employees reach a deeper knowledge of what we are doing here. But also, and not less important to strengthen our culture based on our PIMS Attributes; Fun, Smart, Curious, Accountable, and Multicultural.

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