Meet Pablo

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Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Pablo and I was born and raised in Madrid. 

I am not married (yet) and have no kids, but I do have a great collection of guitars, games and many friends, all of which make me really happy. After this introduction you can guess I love music. Music in all its forms, from classic to metal, including a good jazz session and even electronic music.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, but I would rather spend it in a living room with some beer, and some games or good conversation s, than going out (live music being the exception to this rule).

How would you describe your professional career in Roche?

I joined Roche as GOC (Global Operations Center) Service Coordinator, and that role gave me the opportunity to interact with almost all the IT Operations Teams, giving me the chance to learn first-hand how a big company like ours works at IT level without losing the business vision. There I met the most efficient people I ever met in my entire professional life.

As a GOC is strongly focused on efficiency, somehow it was natural for me, to move to my actual role, fully dedicated to the continuous improvement methodologies in the Lean IT Center of Excellence.

Summarizing, I can describe it as inspiring and very dynamic.

What are your expectations on your new position?

At first I have to admit this was a huge change for me. It was my first time out of technical or directly service management directly related matters, so the challenge was served.

Ever since my childhood I’ve been very inquisitive (even reading an encyclopaedia just for fun, or disassembling some nearby device near me just to see how it works ..., and then of course having to apologize to my parents for sure), so my main expectation is to be able to learn as much as possible. Furthermore, here in Lean IT Centre of Excellence not only am I given the chance to learn, but to share my knowledge & experience with anyone who wants to embrace the Lean & Continuous Improvement cultures.

Influencing & leading are some of the  things I want to improve, and here I have the chance to do just that with our learning by doing approach.

If you have to describe your favorite aspects about working at Roche, what would you choose?

After working for many different companies, integrity & transparency are definitely my chosen ones. On top of those, for the first time I’m able to see the value of what I’m doing daily and to link that to our goal which is to improve patients' welfare worldwide. This makes me proud and that feeling is invaluable.

Can you name a person who has influenced you in your professional development?

It’s almost impossible for me to choose just one. Everyone has had an influence in his or her own way on my professional development. If you take a close look at your colleagues and pay attention, you will always find something positive to learn from the most senior manager to the newest trainee.

Humility is key to growing, both personally and professionally.

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