Meet Oscar, Network and Facilities IT Senior Engineer

Meet Oscar Herrero

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I come from Madrid and I have always lived here, but I love to travel around the world with my girlfriend experiencing the different cultures. In my life out of office I like everything related to basketball, from watching Real Madrid in the court weekly, to practicing every time I can. I also like watching NBA matches, which is, considering the different time zones, helps to understand how much I love this sport. Apart from basketball, I like diving, swimming and water sports in general.

What can you tell us about your role and your team function in Roche?

I joined Roche almost 5 years ago. Before, I have been working for different IT providers in national and international projects. When I joined Roche I was an expert in Voice and Video but now my role has been evolving together with the scope of the team and it covers also webcasting technologies or design for new workplaces. My current role is Network and Facilities IT Senior Engineer. You will probably be wondering what NFIT Engineering is… Network and Facilities IT Services' mission is to provide connectivity solutions (data, voice and video) to all the company by operating and maintaining wide area networks, local area networks, voice, call center and meeting systems.
We enable the transmission of data between sites, the telephony systems and the video conference facilities used every day by our employees and partners around the world. As Roche is a global company, it is crucial to have excellent network and communication systems making our corporate applications available anytime, from everywhere with great quality, reliability and resilience generating a world-class user experience.

Meet Oscar Herrero

If you have to describe your favorite aspects about working at Roche, what would you choose?

The most important thing is to be part of a company that invests the most of the revenues in continuous research for discovering new drugs that will help to improve patients’ lives. “Doing now what patients need next” represents exactly this purpose.

Apart from this one, another important aspect is to have the ability to work in a Global environment, with different mindsets, ways of working and perspectives. If you focus yourself in the correct way, this situation will help you to develop constantly and enjoy every day at work.

Also if you add the international job opportunities, rotation programs, mentoring, and initiatives like these you have this great place to work.

What is your favorite initiative at GIS Madrid?

Every year there is a day called IT Rocks, where all employees in the site attend to an event created by us, for us. During this day we have the opportunity to listen to amazing speeches about different aspects. There are speakers coming from different areas, even including patients, which motivates you even more to keep working for helping them.

Two years ago, they gave me the opportunity to be one of the presentative of the event, and it was one of my best experiences in life. I will always recommend it to my colleagues.

What do you do to help balance life and work?

Taking into consideration that now with the technology we are more connected to our colleagues than ever, and it is important to keep the balance between both worlds. What I do first is disconnect, I know it is not easy but I try to “forget” my phone after work. Also I have started to practice mindfulness this year, and if you invest time in it, in a medium-long term it helps. Another important thing I would say is prioritizing. It has key importance. Never try to accomplish everything, and do not overcommit yourself. You should know how to prioritize and communicate it to your stakeholders to be able to reduce the stress.

Meet Oscar Herrero

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