Meet Juan Pablo

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What can you tell us about your role and your team function in Roche?

The position I currently hold is Messaging and Collaboration Specialist as part of End User Services. Our Team, the GMC, is in charge of maintaining, supporting and updating several collaboration tools and following them up within their lifecycle. Some of the main technologies we manage are MobileIron, RightFax, Google Mail and BestInformed, although we manage many more tools and systems within them.

My role inside the team is focussed on mobile device management, assigned as SME for Mobility issues or changes, although I collaborate and participate in projects for other technologies too.

Can you name a person who has influenced you in your professional development?

Of course, but I could not name one person alone. Throughout my professional development I have had many mentors, managers and colleagues who have helped me in my development and my career. For instance, I cannot forget the support and help from Arman Siamaki in our 1:1 meetings, the advice, insights and perspective of Ismael Suarez in our Big Bang Mentoring Programme or Carlos Rodriguez, who has gone all out to give me his support and to influence me in my development. I could continue with a long list of people who have had and continue to have an influence day by day.

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What is a typical workday like?

A typical workday normally starts with a meeting. As I am working the late shift, I need to catch up with the rest of my colleagues to see how the morning shift went, find out about any issues or incidents we had during the day, and prepare for anything they may need to hand over to me. Once I have a brief overview, I open the tools as hpsm to follow up on any incidents, or request or make urgent changes that need to be given priority.

Later in the day I get together with our colleagues in San Francisco to check whether they need any help or assistance from my side in order to be aligned with the projects or tasks we are working on.

Apart from these core tasks, some days I have to attend training sessions, provide training, update documentation, meet with component and solution owners or launch deployment strategies.

What is your favourite initiative at GIS Madrid?

One of the initiative events I like the most is Live Well week. There are a bunch of activities where you can interact with people from the building, competitions, demonstrate your skills and enjoy spending time with colleagues. It is also a positive step, if you want to adopt good and healthy habits.

To finish, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Juan Pablo although people call me Juanpa. I am from Guadalajara a little city close to Madrid where I am currently living, although I have also lived in different countries: Ireland for three years, United Kingdom for a year and Morocco for a year too, these experiences helped me to understand different cultures, languages and lifestyles.

I like watching TV shows, movies, travelling, spending time with family and friends and practising sports, such as tennis or swimming. Also, I consider myself a technology geek. I enjoy testing new devices, computers and keeping up to date about new OS releases or gadgets on the market.

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