Meet Almu Torres

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Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Almu and I’m the Assistant to Clint Walker, Head of AE&O. I also collaborate with the site management of GIS Madrid.

Let’s talk about your career path. What was your first job?

My first job was in a theme park as a mascot! No! I’m joking! It’s true that my first job was in a theme park but as a barista. I worked there during three years while I was in the university and it was funny! All my colleagues were students and the average age wasn’t over 25 years. I learnt a lot about dealing with people and also about coffee and ice cream flavors!!

How would you describe your professional career in Roche?

Enriching. I arrived seven years ago for a temporary job as a contractor and after all this time, here I am, as an employee and I don’t consider leaving the company. Roche has provided me with tools and knowledge that I couldn’t have learnt in another place in such a constructive way.

What are the main priorities and objectives for your position?

I work every day for making his daily work easier and going smoothly without stressing out about scheduling meetings, preparing expenses or handling providers.

You have told me a lot of interesting things about work. Thank you for that! But I would like to know more about your passions outside of Roche.

I studied Art History, so my passion is art! All types of art representations! I love to visit exhibitions, read books, watch films or listen to music.

I also overcame my fear of sea and I started to dive two years ago. I found it relaxing and a wonderful way of getting to better know le grand bleu!

I have one cat and a dog and I enjoy seeing how my cat tries to dominate the world while my dog is just trying to catch his own tail.

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