Ken Wilcox, Head of Pharma Informatics „We want to shorten the research process”


On 24 February, Ken Wilcox, Roche Farma's Global Head of IT Development travelled to Madrid to visit the multinational's IT Centre of Excellence in Spain.

What role does the IT Centre of Excellence play within Roche Farma?

The objective of PIMS (Pharma Informatics Madrid Site) is to provide global solutions for the company's IT strategy. It is a pioneering centre, constantly striving for technological innovation. Roche introduced the first private cloud applied globally to the pharmaceutical industry that will expand to become a hybrid cloud in the near future, and this has primaily been managed by this Centre. It also provides support to other projects relating to servers, storage, security, middleware, etc. Its engineers are at the forefront of the Big Data project, which will make it easier to manage large quantities of data.

Are these projects seen as opening up new ways of doing business or of providing new services to customers?

These technologies are used by the Research and Development Department to process vast quantities of data. Thanks to advances in the tools available to us, we are able to process internal data, clinical trial data and data from doctors and patients in public databases. We are open to exploring all possible options for this Centre.

What improvements are you hoping to see in Roche Farma as a result of technological advances?

We are constantly changing the way people connect  using data, by improving our network and data centres, and by investing in call centres and voice services. One major challenge is oncology, where Roche plays a key role. We need to assess the impact and reactions to the components and take them to a higher level, and to identify suitable patients for clinical trials. Finally, we want to shorten the research process and speed up the emergence of medicines while reducing the cost for patients.

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