ITIL Service Lifecycle Management in PIMS


Managing a worldwide IT infrastructure with thousands of components, supporting more than 80.000 users and many critical processes, is quite a complex task. It is not only about achieving operational excellence to guarantee reliability and availability demanded by the business, but also to constantly increase efficiency and productivity levels across the complete organization.

In Pharma Informatics Madrid Site (PIMS) we are aware of the vital importance of these needs, and ITIL has proved to be one of the most useful tools at our disposal, delivering a complementary set of processes and good practices in support of the Pharma Informatics Operating Model (PIOM).

In order to enable the organization to take advantage of ITIL practices at Roche a yearly set of ITIL trainings are offered to all PIMS employees. These trainings include ITIL V3 Foundation and ITIL Intermediate courses along with their corresponding official certifications. They contribute to valuable professional development impacting at both individual and organizational levels.

As a result, the majority of our colleagues at PIMS are ITIL Foundation certified professionals with many of us having already completed various Intermediate courses and even ITIL Expert certifications, giving deeper knowledge in every service lifecycle stage.

The common basis provided by ITIL allows us to speak a “common language” when it comes to defining processes and functions in IT Operations, thereby removing barriers, creating synergies and improving service levels.

The benefits provided by the application of ITIL good practices is not limited only to operational scope but also in the Continual Service Improvement lifecycle stage where it is being consolidated one way or another in teams who are constantly implementing enhancements in every managed process and service. This has resulted in increased efficiency being reflected in the corresponding metrics.

But, as highlighted above, it is not only about the organizational improvement. At an individual level the potential for an increase in expertise and knowledge as one of a highly skilled member of staff is invaluable. Will you take the chance?

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