Roche Children’s Walk South Africa

South Africa

Roche sites around the world organize sponsored walks for employees to raise funds that will help provide orphans in Malawi with food and education. We also improve the lives of vulnerable children in other countries through various local projects.

Every donation helps

Since 2003, employees have generated over 8 million Swiss francs. This money has facilitated many vital benefits in Malawi. With our help, five orphan centres were equipped, and 15’000 children were assisted. To help these children shape their own future, schools were built, teachers were trained, and thousands of children were given the chance to learn skills or continue their education.

Together we’ve helped make a huge impact in Malawi, brightening the future for many children and young adults through this educational support and care for those most in need. But there is still much more to do. We are committed to build a sustainable future for Malawi, ensuring that our support makes a difference now and in the future.

Roche South Africa will continue to support our local vulnerable children by donating 50% of the funds raised to UncedoLwethu Orphan centre, with the rest going to support projects in Malawi.

South Africa