Meet Andrew from the UK, Business Analyst at Roche Global IT Solutions

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Tell me about your career path. What was your first job?

My first job ever was a shop assistant in a vegetable shop in Scotland, selling fruits and vegs, I was doing that part time for a few years. But my first real job after university as a programmer was working for a Scottish Hi-Fi company. It was a small company with only 5 people in IT team. I had been working there for five years and I have to say, that it was a pleasure and fun.

So, you’re from Scotland?

Yeah, actually I’m from the UK. I was born in Wales, but I was brought up in Scotland. I had finished University of Glasgow ( Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence), my first job was in Glasgow. But then I had moved to Poland.

What was the reason?

The first and the main reason was my girlfriend, we have met in Glasgow, but she was Polish. The other reason was that I have been working at the same job for five years.  It was a good company to work for, but it didn’t have much opportunities for growth and development. I needed some changes. Everything kind of worked perfectly. When I came to Warsaw I started looking for a job and I found job in Roche. Now it’s been 10 years since I joined Roche.

What a good round figure! But before I ask you about your Roche story, I‘m very interested to hear about your first impression about Poland. What surprised you the most?

The weather. In Scotland we don’t really have seasons like here. In Poland you have got real summer, real winter. Warsaw is a great place in the summer, you can see trees upon trees, there are lots of parks. In the winter you can guarantee pretty much there will be snow in the mountains, so you can do winter sports.  You know, I have met a lot of Polish people abroad and they were saying: “I can’t believe, why have you moved to Poland? It’s such a poor country, it’s such an ugly place”. I don’t think so. Poland has gorgeous mountains in the South, great lakes in the centre of the country, wild forests, beautiful sandy beaches, it really has every kind of nature. Maybe it doesn’t have volcanoes, but there’s even a desert, what is pretty unusual in Europe. Okay, it’s small, but it’s a desert. 

It’s been 10 years you have worked in Roche. What caused your devotion to Roche?

First of all, I like style of management here, it’s been pretty good to me.This year I just got back from 8 months of leave. My boss gave me the opportunity to have unpaid time off. There was a point in my life when I needed changes, I was even  thinking about quitting. Then I spoke to my managers and they offered unpaid time off, which worked really well for both of us. I finished my project and then had a break, and I came back very happy.  Before that I had the opportunity to work for 6 months in San Francisco, which was really cool! I got to see a completely different way of work.  Also I had lots of trips to Switzerland, to Portugal, and Turkey through work. There are lots of opportunities to travel.  Moreover, I had tried myself on different positions, here  you can permanently develop yourself. There is a culture of innovation here that encourages us to try new approaches and not be afraid to fail. We won't be pushed into it, but if you're someone who looks for new opportunities and chances to innovate, then you can find them here.

Also I feel Roche looks after its employees well. Health benefits are pretty good. I use free running trainings, we have got cycle machines, a pilates machine, there’s even a pilates instructor.

What’s your actual position on the way of development and growth? And why that area in IT?

Now I work as a business analyst, the reason for that is because I get to work closely with the  business, I resolve their issues, I can understand what they need. I like analyzing and solving problems, whilst getting to help people in their work.  I like being involved in new initiatives and getting the opportunity to take on responsibility for building new initiatives.

As a person who surely likes challenges and changes do you see yourself in a different role in Roche?

I'm sure that in a year or two, I'll be looking for a change and I'm pretty sure there will be opportunities in Roche. Maybe as a team manager.

You have told me a lot of interesting things about work. Thank you for that! But I would like to know more about your passions outside of work.

I’m in love with traveling. As I have told before I have just been traveling for 8 months: 3 months in Asia, 3 months in Chile, 2 months traveling through Poland as well. My running takes a lot of time, that's my passion, running and triathlons. I love the people I have met through it.  What else...Movies, music, of course.

How can you describe yourself in one word? I know, it is not the easiest question, but often what first comes to your mind says a lot. 

It is definitely not so easy! Well, I think I would say “ open”.

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