Meet Jeffrey, GAMA Analyst in Malaysia


Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Jeffrey Lim Chern Fong. I graduated from University of Adelaide with a Degree in Commerce (majoring in Accounting). My previous job experiences include audit, finance shared services and commercial finance. During my free time I enjoy travelling, hiking and road cycling and I’m currently looking to start rock climbing as well. 

I am a general accounting & management accounting (GAMA) analyst at APAC SSC. My job requires me to coordinates and executes all the relevant month end financial closing activities for financial reporting purposes. Currently, we have around 20 analysts in GAMA team. I love the fact that we get to leverage on the different skill sets that each of us brings to the table. As APAC SSC was setup only in the 2nd quarter of 2016, I am heavily involved with the ongoing knowledge transfer activities in preparation for the upcoming Go-live activities for APAC entities. 

How are you contributing through your work at Roche to help those kind of patients? How does working on technology help you improve the lives of patients?

As a GAMA analyst working in SSC KL, my job is mainly to ensure the proper submission of financial reporting packages in a timely manner. As such, I would say finance unit definitely plays a vital role in delivering quality financial reports to drive business’s decision that will shape the treatment landscape for patients. 

What is the most challenging part of your job or about working at Roche in general?

The challenge is to be able to finalise all of the financial data for month/year end financial reporting submission. As we are working around a somewhat tight timeline, there is a constant need for proactive communication amongst all of the stakeholders. We strive to deliver high quality financial data and data analysis to the business unit in a timely manner in order to support their financial and strategic planning purposes. In addition, as APAC SSC is the focal point for finance services in APAC, I am also heavily involved in knowledge transfer activities (knowledge capturing & documenting) from the local affiliate.

What are the positive challenges your job offers you?

I would say my current job scope has definitely given me many challenges; chief of them being learning new financial processes within a short time span and to share my learnings/findings with my team. So you can say the most exciting aspect of my job is the chance to develop new skills and being able to work as part of a high performing team to deliver quality financial services to our internal clients.

Have you seen the result of you work reflected in helping patients?

As Roche is really passionate about transforming patients' lives, I am also proud to say that we are able to assist patients indirectly by ensuring our business units get all the financial data they need in the most timely and accurate manner so that they can perform insightful analysis that will hopefully provide the best treatment options for patients. 

Roche genuinely practices a corporate culture that promotes empowerment and team spirit.

I love the fact that the amount of learning and developmental opportunities here will definitely provide all employees with different experiences and skills to suit their career aspirations. Being able to work with a group of like-minded individuals in a team (like APAC SSC) is also a big plus point for me!

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