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Medicine and Surgery, specialized in Molecular Biology and Human genetics

What is your role at the company?

Medical Manager Breast Oncology

My motto is:

“When the game gets tough, the tough start to play.”

What is your professional career in Roche?

In actual fact, I’ve just arrived - my “seniority” in the company amounts to 4 months!

What do you think of your experience at Roche so far?

Very positive, Roche is a very interesting company with a stimulating environment and a very open mentality.

It’s worth working for Roche…

To have the chance of working at the cutting edge of the pharmaceutical sector, in a highly international environment alongside extremely professional co-workers and, for myself specifically, a sector where I can contribute to changing patients’ lives.

My favourite sport:

I don’t exactly have a favourite sport, I like both the more spiritual ‘sports’ focused on control, like karate, which I’ve done for 15 years, and the more extreme ones, from surfing to sandboarding and snowboarding, and diving to skydiving. I’m always on the lookout for the right spot or the most thrilling descent!

My favourite music:

I‘m a tireless listener of hard rock and heavy metal! Black Sabbath, Rammstein and Motley Crue to name but a few - that’s what you’ll find in my playlist! All this passion comes from the fact that I’m also a musician. I’ve been playing the piano for 20 years and I received a diploma from the Conservatory. But I discovered metal when I was 15 and my life changed!

My ideal trip:

An adventure in a place where ‘few’ have set foot before me. I’d like to travel and see the world, nowhere excluded! As soon as I’ve got some free time, I’m never at home but when I can’t travel physically, I re-live the adventures and misadventures writing on the web site about my ‘low cost’ adventures that I’ve been lucky enough to see published in book form. If you want to travel the world in this way, I’m the right person to ask for advice.

If I asked you to associate Roche with a picture, what would you choose and why?

A butterfly. It’s said that a butterfly flaps its wings in Beijing and there’s rain rather than sun in New York. Today, we’re looking at how to improve the life of tomorrow.

What do you like most about the company?

The strongly international personality and aspect.

What do you think of the working environment in Roche?

It’s fantastic, the environment is young and dynamic.

What are your colleagues like?

They’re professionals yet easy-going.

What excites you about your work?

The continuous study of a context in the making and the strongly strategic aspect.

How do you see your future in the company?

I’m not going to hide that I’m very ambitious; I hope that I can have a rewarding career and very respectable professional growth.

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