Children's Walk

Each year Roche Italy adheres to the "Children's Walk", a global march in favor of children in need,  which brings together virtually over 120 locations around the world. This year it’s the eleventh edition.

The purpose of this symbolic march is to raise funds for development of local and global projects. A part of the funds raised is in fact intended for children in Malawi who have lost parents because of HIV.  In recent years, together with the ECPP (European Coalition of Positive People) and UNICEF, Roche Group have built 5 day centers, supporting over 17,000 children; built 18 classrooms, trained 200 teachers and distributed over 6,000 books.

Locally, in 2014 Roche Italy has identified in collaboration with Vivi Down Onlus the "running mate" with which to continue the path of the Children's Walk.

This charity, founded in 1988, provides people with Down syndrome and their families with tools to deal with the difficulties that disability entails daily.

Our donations will be used to support the "Health Project", which provides periodic medical examinations for the people followed by the charity. These free screenings, conducted by doctors, focus on the specific patients and experts and the possible problems that Down Syndrome involves. In particular, Roche Italy will support pediatric visits dedicated to children and young adolescents, key moments because health is a necessary condition fortheir life plan!

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