Working at Roche Diagnostics India

If you want to advance your career with a leader, consider Roche. We rank among the world’s foremost corporations providing innovative healthcare solutions, continuously investing in medical research and development. By preventing, diagnosing and treating a range of health disorders, our products and services have enhanced the health and quality of life of people around the world. Specifically we focus on disease areas where the medical needs are greatest – such as cancer, viral infections, disorders of the metabolic and central nervous systems, and inflammatory diseases. To address them, we have brought many highly effective drugs onto the market.

Be part of a winning company

Working at Roche means working at the forefront of innovation. Over the years, we have often engaged in new market trends – or even set them – and sometimes created entirely new markets. Our cutting-edge technologies and healthcare solutions were occasionally developed with unconventional methods – but always with the highest standard of quality in mind.

Our Diagnostic division is the world leader in in-vitro diagnostics, it is among the top ten companies in the world with the broadest product portfolio. Our broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and systems play a pivotal role in the groundbreaking area of integrated healthcare solutions and cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of disease. Roche Diagnostics is active in all market segments, from scientific research and clinical laboratory systems to patient self-monitoring.

Roche Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2002, when Roche globally took over the diagnostics division of AVL Biomedicals. RD India became completely functional in January 2005 after fully acquiring the distribution business from Nicholas Piramal India Ltd. We have grown very fast over the years and intend to continue on this path. RD India is country’s best IVD Company and is a leader in the industry, just as Roche Diagnostics is in the other parts of the world!

Thrive on our performance culture

Our success is owed to a performance culture based on collaboration, debate and mutual respect. Addressing the challenges we face takes enthusiastic and talented people, individuals who are willing to apply professional curiosity – and the occasional unconventional method or idea – to promote progress. And your commitment will be adequately rewarded. As one of the way of showing our appreciation for your valuable work, we offer attractive compensation packages to make sure that you will be able to meet the financial demands of your environment more than adequately.

Enjoy our inspiring work environment

At Roche, we foster a culture of debate, mutual respect, and diversity. We encourage everyone to be open to discussing and considering new ideas. We strongly believe in the merits of diversity and foster an open-minded culture in which each individual’s point of view is respected. One of the core elements of our culture is feedback. After all, sharing knowledge promotes the development of new ideas, which is one of our key competitive strengths. With our focus on natural, long-term growth, Roche depends on the contributions of talented and committed professionals like you, who are determined to drive our progress. In turn, we make sure your work environment leaves you the space you need to attend to your personal goals, meet your family obligations, and pursue your professional development.

In short, think of Roche as a successful, forward-looking global player where your career will continue to flourish.