Meet Sudha Morey, Product Specialist at Roche Diagnostics In


What is your role with Roche?

I work as a Product Specialist – Roche Molecular Diagnostics, India

How long have you been working for Roche?

It’s been over three years that I have been working with Roche Diagnostics India, but some key learning and noteworthy interactions that can last me a lifetime in my profession world.

Why did you choose to join Roche India?

I specialized in Molecular diagnostics in my post-graduation (by research), what better company and profile to choose, other than Roche? Roche Molecular Diagnostics has pioneered in using the Nobel prize winning PCR technology for diagnostics. I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten this apt opportunity, where I can put my academics and certain contacts in that field to optimum use.

What message do you have for people who are thinking of applying to Roche?

You would certainly love to remember and cherish your stint with Roche for a very, very long time!

What are the three top things Roche meets on your list of “must haves” as a company?

Employee friendly policies, team of mature and easy-to- approach professionals and quality products I am proud to talk about, and sell to my customers.

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