Meet the Global HR Recruitment Team

Meet the team that spends their days browsing Facebook and LinkedIn responding to questions from people all over the world who want to join our company – Roche! The team also supports HR colleagues with efficient service, project support - and all this within a budget. The team hit the road in 2011 and working together became a unique and best team of 6: meet Brigi, Fanni, Gábor, Kata, Kriszti & Lavi as they share their journey at Roche.

Meet the team: Lavinia, Brigi, Gábor, Kata, Kriszti and Fanni

Tell us about the team

Everyone on the team has a different background and this diversity is critical for the job we do. We work efficiently and productively because all of us bring different experiences, points of view and ways of thinking. We approach things totally differently and this diversity makes us a great, unique and fast thinking union.

Fanni: My route to HR was accidental and I ended up at the best place. I started my work life in tourism and then I chose to continue my studies in HR. During the MSc years and a stretching, rewarding internship, I learnt a lot about HR and committed myself to it. When looking for my first full-time job, a friend of a friend referred me to Roche and voilà: I’ve been here for two years now and am enjoying it to the maximum.

Originally I’m a country girl, so I enjoy escaping the city for hiking or travels; still I like the cultural diversity that Budapest offers: bookstores, theatres, game pubs, art movies. My newest passion is sewing and I really hope it will become a long-term hobby!

Brigi: I graduated as a translator in Italian-Hungarian and English-Hungarian, now I am working on my HR master degree so when I’m not at work, I’m usually at school. In January 2017 I ended up at Roche’s Global Recruitment Team and I am more than happy about it!

In my free time, I love traveling, reading, running and every kind of sports and outdoor activities with my labrador; also, I plan to learn Portuguese in the near future.

Gábor: I am originally from the eastern part of Hungary, and now I’ve been living in Budapest for more than a decade; I moved here to study HR Management. Before joining Roche in 2011, I did everything a usual student does for a living. Now I am the Team Leader of the Roche Global Recruitment Team. In this role, I feel very fortunate: I work with very talented people on a growing Budapest team.

I live with my wonderful wife and cat, Cilla, very close to the office. In my free time, we travel as much as we can and enjoy the many opportunities Hungary and especially Budapest offers for people who like culinary, concerts, theater, etc.

Kriszti: I moved to Budapest almost 6 years ago to start my studies in Mathematics at the Eötvös Loránd University. After I graduated, I did volunteer work in Norway at a farm, where I helped out the farmer with various work around the house. After this adventure, I moved on and joined Roche in May 2016 as a Data Acquisition Specialist.

Besides working with my team, I am fond of photography and everything related to it. I spend a lot of time watching movies or going to concerts.

Lavinia: I was born and raised in Germany with Hungarian origins. I studied International Business with Spanish at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier and worked in Human Resources in Madrid and Barcelona for a language school and an automobile manufacturer. After this, I looked for other opportunities and ended up at Roche in Budapest.

Kata: I come from the world of science and started work in a neuroscience research laboratory during my university studies in Budapest. After working in a laboratory on genetics, I switched to the field of immunology and wrote my master thesis in Turku, Finland on the genetic background of the autoimmune type 1 diabetes. Then I came back to Hungary and completed my Ph.D. on tumor biology and cancer resistance.

I have always been interested in interdisciplinary areas, such as the combination of different research fields or expertise. During my doctorate, I studied Economics and I was seeking smart ways to convert basic science into real everyday use.

I left a small spin-off company focusing on precision cancer therapies to join Roche a year ago. I am very pleased to work in the field of HR, especially the realm of talent scouting, combining science with HR and hard data acquisition with soft skills.

At which Roche location do you currently work? Please tell us about its work environment.

We work in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, the “Paris of the East”, and it has a unique, youthful atmosphere.

We are part of the Shared Service Center in this gorgeous city, which has several key fields, such as Finance, Procurement, IT. These teams are supporting Roche employees globally so that they can focus more on patients.

From the top of the SSC, on one side, you see the city park, where we often take lunch in the summertime, while the top of the Saint Stephen Basilica from the other. Inside the SSC, we have a canteen, and within a five to ten minutes’ walk we have restaurants with a range of cuisines. During the lunch break, it is inspiring to walk among the small streets with the old and beautiful houses to refresh our minds and consider challenges from different perspectives.

Why did you decide to join Roche and why at this location?

Kata: I knew the excellent science Roche did and found it highly attractive to join not as a scientist, yet still someone who is close to science. This opportunity seemed challenging and was totally different from previous experiences, which fit my needs better. I closed my eyes and jumped.

Fanni: The first impressions came over the internet: a great variety of diagnostics and pharma products complementing each other and looking into the future.

The biggest, first positive impact was that this is a Team, with capital ‘T’, in its best, most effective sense.

What are your current positions at Roche?

Our role has really high visibility, and is extremely important. We are at the frontline of Roche when answering on social media and when we interact with the candidates. As well, we are an essential part of the global HR network of Roche. We are in daily contact with many HR Business Partners, Recruiters, and Talent Scouts and as well with the Group HR Talent Acquisition, Center of Excellence team in Basel.

Our team has two key roles:

Brigi, Fanni, Lavinia and Gábor primarily support talent acquisition activities; recruiters, talent scouts and HR marketing experts worldwide. A typical day might start with checking the Roche LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages and answering any comments and questions posted. Then we might call HR managers in Malaysia to discuss creating new career pages for their site on After lunch, a recruiter in the UK will ask for our help in searching for people on LinkedIn who might be interested in their open position, and our day may finish with running an HR report or troubleshooting for a colleague. Moreover, Lavinia is responsible for one of our diagnostics products’ social media marketing activities and she handles the Roche diagnostics media library as well.

Kata and Kriszti support talent scouts. They find the best candidates for scientific job openings. Kata understands the needs of both science and business; works with colleagues from around the world; finds the smartest, quickest way to collect and screen data; and keeps in touch with top candidates. That means a lot of challenges on a daily basis. Kriszti’s main task is to retrieve contact information of possible candidates from the internet - she considers every information or every strong candidate who is identified a small success.

All of our tasks are connected to talent acquisition and yet all are different, which makes our days never the same.

How would you describe Roche as an employer?

Fanni: Roche, as an employer, is not a kindergarten teacher: you’re not told what to do when, how exactly to do your tasks and you are not sent in the corner if you do something “wrong”. It is more of a university professor: gives you opportunities and you need to explore more for yourself and decide what to take, which direction to choose. You need to find your “extracurricular activities” (projects, networking events, volunteering events) that develop you professionally and personally as well; and take any further steps. It’s also a safe environment to offer innovative ideas and try new things, this is what it takes to keep us ahead.

Colleague on holiday - Meet the Global Recruitment Team

Gábor: Roche is the best company to work for! I mean it. Just consider the impact Roche has in healthcare and developing new medicines and diagnostic solutions to have personalized healthcare available for everyone. And while we all are working to this direction the company helps us in every possible way to reach it: in Budapest we have outstanding benefits and numerous training opportunities. Also, we have “Theme Friday” when we have different treats such as fresh fruits, smoothie, chocolate or snacks to make our Friday happier and to give us the energy until the working week is finished.

We have many possibilities to take care of our personal needs, too: we have wellbeing week (with yoga, massage, dietician, etc.), we can participate in a running competition and also collect donations for non-profit organizations. Every Friday after work we also have “offsites” where everyone can enjoy great conversations after the week.

How would you describe the people working here?

Gábor: My colleagues are one of the best parts of my working day. I am the luckiest person at Roche Budapest because I have the best teammates ever - they are passionate, creative, proactive, love what they are doing, and we also have fun together. Everyone has their own strength, e.g.: Fanni is the expert of, Lavi is the social media guru, Kata is our own scientist (literally) and search expert, Kriszti is the team geek in the best possible meaning, while Brigi joined us just recently, she is already the Taleo expert.

We have a weekly team meeting to share updates and decide on questions and this is followed by a team lunch.

Once a month we also have an offsite team meeting when after working hours we go out for a dinner or a soda and have an informal chat about what’s going on with us.

How is your job connected to “doing now what patients need next”?

We help find the future scientists of Roche via a profile search or a job posting, or by impacting and promoting the Roche brand. There is always the possibility that someone we find for a position may be able to develop a cure or better treatment for a disease.

Or described differently: we manage the data for HR in a legal and compliant way so that others can concentrate on their work in research, manufacturing, finance, or any other field.

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