Live the Practice: Internships at Roche

What career opportunities will I have at the end of my studies? What is it like to work in an international company? Exciting research and development or business analysis of the healthcare industry – these are just a few of the (working) fields where you can finally put your theoretical knowledge into practice and gain valuable insight.

Show us what you have got, personally and professionally!

Your fresh input not only helps drive us forward, but more importantly it brings you further: an internship is an important way to experience daily work life, gather practical experience and can be the launching pad to deepen interests within a subject of study.

The spectrum of jobs at Roche is wide; and that is why we are looking for dedicated and talented students in the most diverse fields:

  • Engineering
  • Natural sciences
  • Economics
  • Information technology
  • Medicine
  • Humanities

Interested in internships during semester breaks or as practical term? It is all possible! The only requirement: you are already enrolled in a programme of study and are interested in committing to at least two to six months of pure practice. You can find our current vacancies on our online jobsearch.

As a French foreign intern, I successfully improved my German skills and my intercultural skills. Working with other Roche employees from around the world was a breeze! Merci Roche!
Elodie H.

Fair Internship: Our Conviction

Professional Orientation

Internships at Roche offer the possibility of getting to know the company, gather practical experience, develop personal capabilities and build a personal network. We give our interns regular tasks in the projects and departments they are involved in without taking away any full-time positions.

Target Group

At Roche, only high school or college/university students can do an internship. As school-leavers have completed their studies, they already have the necessary requirements to apply for entry-level positions.
The exception applies only to voluntary internships either after completing a bachelor’s degree and before beginning a master's degree, or during a second or postgraduate programme of study.


Internships at Roche normally start with an introductory event (if the starting date is the first of the month).  In addition, interns in a team have a specific contact person who is available to answer questions and give feedback on work performed.

Fair Pay

Students receive a set, fair salary for services rendered. This salary varies according to the student’s respective phase (bachelor, master or state examination).