Roche Penzberg - One of the largest Biotechnology-Centers in Europe

Roche in Penzberg is one of the largest biotechnology centres in Europe and an innovative competence centre for life sciences in Greater Munich. With approximately 5,600 employees, it is the largest employer in upper Bavaria and one of the most important economic players in the region.

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Penzberg -  We are Roche in Greater Munich

The site is an important centre for the research, development, and production of diagnostic tests, input materials, biopharmaceuticals and analyzers and is of global significance. As an antibody powerhouse, it is also the centre for the research and technical development of therapeutic proteins.

Penzberg's foundation rests on over four decades of experience in biotechnology, and its future lies in its enthusiastic and passionate research and implementation of new solutions in life sciences. Highly qualified employees with an excellent reputation for expertise in science and technology from over 50 countries create a collaborative employee and management culture which promotes and supports modern, open-minded thought and activity.

It is the only Roche site in the world where research, development, and production for both Diagnostics and Pharma are all under one roof. Thanks to its global network and the unique collaboration between the Diagnostics and Pharma divisions, Penzberg serves the entire spectrum – from science to patients. The result is sustainable added value for Roche and the community, which is dedicated to the well-being of patients worldwide.