Electronics Technician for Automation Technology


Intermediate secondary education or higher level

Length of Education/Training:

3 ½ years, or 3 years in the case of good performance and grades


As an electronics technician for automation technology, you integrate automation solutions into production engineering and process engineering. You install and configure drives as well as equipment in the areas of measurement technology, open-loop control and control engineering. In addition, you install, configure, programme and adjust the sensor systems. After trial runs, you turn the systems over to the users and instruct them in their operation. Maintenance and regular testing of the systems, fault analysis as well as overhauling the systems are all part of your tasks. You work independently, all the while adhering to the applicable guidelines and safety regulations; and you coordinate your activities with upstream and downstream areas. You are a qualified electrical tradesman as defined in accident prevention regulations.

Content of the Apprenticeship:

  • Work safety and environmental protection,
  • Company and technical communication,
  • Managing and organising work,
  • Evaluating work results,
  • Mounting and connecting electric equipment,
  • Measuring and analysing electrical functions and systems,
  • Setting up equipment for automation technology,
  • Working with programmable logic controllers (PLC),
  • Testing and commissioning automation systems,
  • Overhauling and optimising automation systems, business processes and quality assurance systems in the operational areas,
  • Maintaining the customer in focus.
  • The major part of these subjects is taught to the apprentices by a partner company in Penzberg. The company-specific apprenticeship in the Penzberg site takes place in the Automation Technology Workshop.

Additional Training Elements:

  • Technical English,
  • Communication and presentation techniques,
  • Measures in team and personality development,
  • Working with computer systems,
  • Carrying out training projects.

Opportunities for Further Education:

  • Mastercraftsperson in Electrical Engineering,
  • Technician in Electrical Engineering,
  • Diverse possibilities for (technical) university studies (for those with A-levels or technical university entrance qualification),
  • Numerous possibilities for further education/training within the company.