Starting@Roche – First steps are not always the hardest

How do I get to Roche on my first day? What will happen on that day? What am I supposed to wear? How can I imagine the site of Roche in Mannheim?“ Roche lately offers a website, which tries to answer these and even more questions.

Michelle, a psychology student from Mannheim, was one of the first persons, who could benefit from this website and wants to tell us about her personal Starting@Roche-experience in Mannheim.


One look on the website and you are easily-prepared

Every student knows the struggle of self-managing academic studies besides the ambition to gain professional experience through an internship - the application process, a convincing interview and finally the acceptance letter. All the excitement, you feel during a job interview suddenly returns a few days before your first working day. Despite the fact that it was weekend, I was able to prepare myself by the use of the website Starting@Roche, which gave me answers to every question a newbie is facing in his last minutes. One look at my tablet was sufficient to know where my first day will start, what will happen and which train would take me to the Roche sites in Mannheim. Comfortable and easy onboarding - many thanks to this website, which disburdened me from my initial insecurity and made me feel being welcome at first glance.

The first steps are not always the hardest – not always!

After I had my first interview with Roche I was aware that I can refer important questions concerning my career entry to the Starting@Roche-website. Luckily this hint got into my mind just before my personal start at Roche. However, both the website and my entry into Roche have confirmed that the first steps into a professional career do not need to be hard. Since my onboarding at Roche I got to meet fabulous colleagues and other interns, I took over responsibility in many exciting projects and I feel fully integrated in my team – absolutely great! If someone prior to his Starting@Roche is interested in how the mindset of so-called „Rochler” looks like and which opportunities Roche has to offer, should inspect the categories „Roche People“ as well as „Benefits and Development“. The website is really worth having a look at – not only for newcomers!

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