Roche reaches for the stars

Mannheim. The clock almost shows 11 o’clock - the canteen on the Roche site is still deserted, but in the kitchen it has been busy for hours. Soup ladles are swung around, meat is roasted and sauces are added some seasoning. The chefs want to delight their guests once again and put the final touches to the meals. But, what only few people know: behind the ovens there are also two starred chefs who create our daily lunches.

Creativity, passion and freshness – those are the main ingredients for a kitchen, says the executive chef of the canteen Christophe. In order to always provide the best for the guests, he recruited the second starred chef Thomas in 2013. After 20 years of experience, he was searching for new challenges. He was already interested in cooking for canteen kitchens, hence he decided for Roche. “For me, it was about time to try something new and Roche was exactly the right choice. I’m pretty surprised about the freshness and the high quality standards of the canteen and additionally, I can still add my own creative ideas”, explains Thomas. The change in sizes of daily produced meals was an obstacle for him, but with a little help from the canteen-crew, he managed it easily and worked in his own ideas to improve the menu constantly.

Since the beginning of 2015 there is a new star in the team: Robert. The young chef also worked for many years in prestigious restaurants and now supports Roche’s canteen-crew. “It was the overall package, which was decisive for me. As I recently became a father, I now have different priorities. Due to this, the regular working hours at Roche were perfect for me”, reported the starred chef, who is responsible for the guest canteen and the event catering service. Even though, he has only been part of the canteen-crew for a short time, he already had the chance to get settled. Contributing his own ideas and being able to share some of his experiences are aspects which are crucial to him – and those are offered at his new workplace.

“Of course it was a risk choosing chefs from the award-winning cuisine, who have less experience in the large-scale canteen kitchen. But we entered this venture and it paid off for 100 per cent”, says the executive chef of the canteen, Christophe. He himself was working internationally as a star patissier and is the best example to show that haute cuisine and large-scale canteen gastronomy can complement harmoniously. The two starred chefs brought a breath of fresh air into the team and thereby, also a new trend for the menu. For him, cooking is not only the preparation of dishes – it is the art of taste and in some form also entertainment. His goal is to satisfy his guests every day. The positive feedback of the customers verifies that he reaches this goal:

The food in our canteen is delicious and the choice is huge. I never thought that starred chefs work for us. I really like that Roche sets great value upon the good quality of the served meals.
Quote by Felix, regular guest of the Roche canteen

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