Roche Children’s Walk - Roche employees support children in need with their charity run

Last Tuesday, about 700 employees from Mannheim and Penzberg walked together for a good cause during the Roche Children’s Walk. Colleagues from over 120 Roche sites around the world also joined this global fund-raise and walked for children in need. The collected donations benefit local projects and orphan children in Malawi.

This year the Roche employees in Germany donated their money to member organizations from the “Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderung e.V.”, which is an organization that supports disabled people. The money went to selected member organizations, which focus on helping disabled people during their childhood and adolescence. The employee donations, which are coordinated by the ROMIUS foundation, enable the purchase of suitable music instruments, play and craft materials as well as equipment. “We are impressed by Roche em-ployees’ willingness to donate and we and our children are very pleased about the support”, says Andrea S., head of communication from the “Lebenshilfe Karlsruhe, Ettlingen und Umgebung e.V.” (Lebenshilfe in Karlsruhe, Ettlingen and surrounding areas). “Due to the donations, we can purchase materials for sense-advancement and movement development accessible to the disabled people, for which there are no public funds available.”

As in every other year the company management doubles the amount of employee donations and supports, together with numerous Roche country organizations worldwide, children in need in Malawi. The projects in Malawi are carried out by the European Coalition of Positive People (ECPP) and UNICEF Switzerland, which are partner organizations from Roche. The goal is to improve the school education of aids-orphans in Malawi and cover their basic needs.

Walking for a cause: At the Roche Children’s Walk, employees from more than 120 subsidiaries of the company around the world are walking and donating money for children in need.

About the Roche Children’s Walk

Since 2003, Roche employees around the world with their participation in the Children’s Walk collect money for children in need. The Walk took place on June, 16th, the international day of African children. The employees either support with their donation aid projects in the south-east African Malawi or in respective countries. The donations from employees are doubled by the management board and this part of the donation always goes to Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. 62 % of the population live below the international poverty line of 1,25 USD per day and 790.000 children are aids- orphans. Roche wants to cause a long-term sustainable change by providing nutrition, school education, craft training and medical support for the children in Malawi. With Roche Children’s Walk, Roche employees worldwide show their social responsibility and work together for a healthy future of children. Up to date, about 150.000 employees from over 120 sites collected more than 12.5 billion CHF (equivalent to 10.3 billion Euros).

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