Personalized Training – an innovative training concept

Roche is striking out in a new direction in order to respond to trends in vocational training and the dual curriculum of universities of cooperative study

Learners are becoming more and more different with respect to their ages and educational background. Additionally, the range of learning opportunities has significantly increased in the course of the years; the offers for e-learning alone are virtually exploding. In order to respond to these developments, Roche is taking a new direction with the innovative training format “Personalized Training”, since a “one size fits all” standard solution is no longer enough for modern professional training. Edgar Vieth, Managing Director of Human Resources of Roche Diagnostics GmbH, is convinced by the concept: “Our departments obtain staff, whose qualifications are precisely tailored to the needs. At the same time, we can build on the strengths of our next generation of employees and provide diverse, individualized training. Everyone wins.” 

In close cooperation with the training department, trainers, trainees and students, Frank Fillinger, Head of Commercial and IT Training at Roche in Mannheim, developed the idea to create module-based training content and to adapt it for the individual learners. “The demands on our apprentices and cooperative university students as well as their own needs are showing an ever increasing spectrum,” Fillinger explains. “Some things were too easy for some, other things were too early and again other things were too fast. That is why we developed a concept that focuses on the personal needs of each individual and, at the same time, takes the requirements of the study program and the company into consideration.” Dr. Elke Schwing, Head of Training at the Mannheim site, adds: “We want to support our trainees in effectively shaping their educational paths with a modern and individual training program. In this way, we are investing in the futures of the learners and the company.”

In September 2014, the program started with a pilot group of eight students of business management in industry followed by three additional courses of study this year. As of 2016 all students will use the personalized training. 16 compulsory modules and ten elective modules allow for flexibility regarding the timing and individual focal points in the training. E-learning courses are a particular feature of the program, since they represent modern training opportunities, which allow for a balance between electronic self-study and classroom teaching. 

The pilot phase of the project was supported scientifically by Dr. Veronika Strittmatter-Haubold, Academic Director of the Heidelberg University of Education. The collaboration allows for an objective view of the concept in order to optimize and adjust it. “In teacher training in the context of school and university, we have been working on the same challenge for a considerable time,” she reports. “It is remarkable for me to see that corporate training is already a step further in the educational process. Roche has a pioneering approach to put the individual learners in the focus.”

Roche Diagnostics offers apprenticeship and dual study positions in the areas of commercial, natural sciences, technical and IT professions. The company currently trains approximately 300 apprentices in 15 professions at the Mannheim site.

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