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Field Report VDI Elevate

Maximilian Giesen is studying mechanical engineering and participating in the VDI support program Elevate. In June, he took part in training, which was organized by the VDI partner company Roche for the program participants. Maximilian reports about his day at Roche below:


The Elevate program creates possibilities to get a taste of different companies and, as part of diverse training courses, gain experience, which can only be obtained with difficulty during the university studies. At the Roche High-Tech Campus in Mannheim, I attended the seminar “Empathy and the Impact of your Actions”.

Since everyone in the world of work as well as in the private environment is in constant contact with people, interacting and communicating, I was very interested in this topic. The seminar emphasized that every action has an impact on our counterpart. Sometimes conscious. Sometimes unconscious. This affect was brought closer to the participants in the course of the interactive and diversely designed workshop. Each person had the chance to put the varying effects of their actions to the test in individual presentations. In addition, with the help of case studies, it was demonstrated how best to reach you counterpart.

Roche was already known to me as one of the worldwide leading, research-oriented healthcare company. As a student of mechanical engineering, however, I was not aware of which fields of application this company has to offer for technical engineers. Particularly exciting for me were, for example the development and production of solutions for laboratory automation. I was impressed by, above all, the high product standards respectively the high requirements, which Roche has for its products as well as the high degree of automation and precision, which individual products exhibit. This provides me with a broad spectrum of diverse professional development opportunities.

During the joint lunch as well as at the end of the day, we also had the chance to talk to the Recruiting team about career opportunities as well as to engineers and managers about the work routine at Roche. However, the final highlight for me was the virtual glimpse in the automated laboratories of Roche, which we received thanks to the cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

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