Richard Tassoni, Head of Quality Control in DOMS

Diagnostics Operations Mannheim, in short DOM, ensures the global supply of patients, laboratories and hospitals with diagnostic reagents and test stripes. To this DOM as the largest field of Global Diagnostics Operations at the locations Mannheim and Penzberg produces a large variety of products for the in-vitro-diagnostics. With this program we want to show you some people which stand behind our success with proud and motivation.

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Richard Tassoni works at Roche Diagnostics in Penzberg in Diagnostics Operations Mannheim. He has been working for Roche since 2004 and is currently the leader of the quality control.

Mr. Tassoni, how did you arrive at Roche?

“I am a chemist – and I have worked in DOM for 13 years. Roche is not my first job in the pharmaceutical-chemical industry. After I completed my university education, I took on managerial duties in my very first job – in those days, however, in the sense of ‘learning by doing’. My experiences at the university had not adequately prepared me for the role as the head of a laboratory. Over the years in different management positions and, of course, thanks to my work in DOM, I became familiar with all aspects of management. The Roche ‘Leading Leaders’ training program, in particular, helped me a lot. This program shines a new light on management.”

What do you associate with DOM? What does DOM stand for?

“In Diagnostics, we at Roche are the market leaders with our systems and products. In my mind, DOM stands for the ability, on the one hand, and for the conviction, on the other hand, to meet the needs of the customer. What I like about DOM is that the path from ‘idea’ to ‘reality’ is still very short. One example of this is the collaboration on the project to develop a DOM-wide leadership program. As an interdisciplinary team, we successfully developed a practice-oriented program to teach a business mindset and peer consulting and mobilization, which has received very positive reviews.”

In your view, what makes DOM unique?

“Above and beyond the buildings, the devices, the processes, and the mechanical systems, DOM is a community of colleagues. I am one of many. We are united by the fact that we provide added value and make a contribution to society with our diagnostic products – and we do this worldwide! At DOM, we directly fulfill our promise to the customer, which is to provide reagents in the sufficient quantity and at the expected level of quality.”

What is special about your site?

“Personally speaking, the site means a lot to me. When I am in Penzberg and I look out the window, I see the spectacular panoramic view of the mountains, of course. I enjoy life in Munich and in the foothills of the Alps. The Penzberg site is a suburb of Munich, in my view.”

What challenges do you see facing DOM in general?

“We are faced with international growth challenges, which we are handling very positively in terms of strategy. For example, we do not see a rivalry with the new site in China. Quite the opposite. At DOM we consider the new site in Suzhou as support to help us keep up with the growth. This is why we are actively setting up the transfer of expertise to that site.”

How do you handle the challenges?

“We will focus even more on intercultural issues within the scope of the leadership program, so that those of us who are managers in DOM will be able to more skillfully interact in the future with colleagues from other cultures. There is a Chinese saying: ‘Whenever three people come together, you learn something.’ With Penzberg, Mannheim and Suzhou, we are three.”

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