Meliha Berber, Manager Communications & Events in Diagnostics Operation Mannheim

Diagnostics Operations Mannheim, in short DOM, ensures the global supply of patients, laboratories and hospitals with diagnostic reagents and test stripes. To this DOM as the largest field of Global Diagnostics Operations at the locations Mannheim and Penzberg produces a large variety of products for the in-vitro-diagnostics. With this program we want to show you some people which stand behind our success with proud and motivation.

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Meliha Berber works in the communications & events group at Diagnostics Operation Mannheim “DOM”. She came to Mannheim in 1994 and started out in Human Resources at Roche. Years later, namely in 2012, She expressed the desire to work in communications because there was a great deficiency in this area. At the same time, she took up studies in Corporate Communications, with support from Roche, and she successfully completed this education.

What do you associate with DOM? What does DOM stand for?

“1. "Huge organization" can be easily underestimated, 2. Leading in the field of in vitro diagnostics, 3. High quality of products, excellent delivery service, and the expertise and skills of all staff members."

In your view, what makes DOM unique?

"In DOM, over 1,800 final products are produced in large quantities and at the highest level of quality. With our excellent delivery service, we ensure that the patients can be diagnosed. The things that DOM is especially good at are the great staff development programs and the freedom to be creative at work. It is great fun to be able to move things and see the positive results. This makes me extremely proud.”

What is special about your site?

“Mannheim naturally has a good geographic location. I am not originally from Mannheim; love brought me here. The diversity in this city rivals that of Berlin, although I also have to say that, after 21 years here on this campus, I feel very much at home here."

What do you tell your friends that you like the most about working at DOM?

“That we are the market leaders in IVD and that we ship our reagents and test strips to laboratories and hospitals all over the world. Roche Pharma is a household name, but Roche Diagnostics is not, even though it is just as important to make a diagnosis before administering a pharmaceutical product. Most people think "all" we do is to produce pharmaceutical tablets."

What do you hope to achieve with the positioning?

"A clear positioning within the company is the only way to rise above the rest. In other words, what do we associate with DOM? In one sentence: It is all about transparency. This is why we must all be involved in shaping our tasks and challenges, and communicate them. With the correct positioning, it is a win-win-win situation: The staff, the Diagnostics Division, and, in the end, the customer who uses the product. The strong self-identity and the 'healthy' pride felt by the staff are also important factors for me.”

What challenges do you see facing DOM in general?

“Remaining competitive is definitely the great challenge – in terms of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Those are and will always be challenges that we will have to deal with.  But another big challenge is: We must devote even more effort to the continuing education of our organization. The main reason we need to do this is that digitization is inevitably changing the ways we work and our management styles. Managers must not only be able to react to this in a nimble manner, they also have to be able to support their staff through periods of change. We must hold on to the pioneering role that we have assumed in many areas. We would like to continue leading from the front and, in order to do so, we must proactively tackle challenges and take responsibility. Precisely in the sense of the DOM mindset.”

How do you handle the challenges?

“I have a great network in the company. Personal relationships are very important to me, for my daily work as well, in order to overcome the challenges. DOM is "family". We have a lot of “spirit”, and we need to hold on to this and improve upon it even further. As I see it, we are on a very good path.”

What developments would you like to see in your work and in DOM?

“We are very strong in technology and natural sciences, of course, enhanced with a great deal of creativity. However, in order to overcome international challenges, I would like to see more diversity in every regard and a DOM "mindset" applied every day, which is to say, to initiate and define change on our own. The world is changing and we must be able to roll with these changes.”

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