Isabel Grimm, Launch Manager, DOM

Diagnostics Operations Mannheim, in short DOM, ensures the global supply of patients, laboratories and hospitals with diagnostic reagents and test stripes. To this DOM as the largest field of Global Diagnostics Operations at the locations Mannheim and Penzberg produces a large variety of products for the in-vitro-diagnostics. With this program we want to show you some people which stand behind our success with proud and motivation.

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In which area of DOM do work, and what was your contribution to the launch of the second Elecsys generation?

I have always worked in Immunodiagnostics and have spent the past 19 years in Launch Management. This is why the planning for the launch of the second Elecsys generation became my responsibility. We coordinated the management of deadlines for all interfaces during the launch. Our tasks also include establishing material numbers and providing master data in systems, and creating packaging concepts.

What was significant within the scope of your work that enabled the successful launch of the new generation?

Trust in the expertise of the individual staff members and their flexibility and focus on solutions. I was able to rely on a dedicated team that has a lot of experience with product launches in Immunology, and that has become well-positioned in recent years, thanks to processes that have been refined over many years.

What do you associate with DOM? What does DOM stand for?

Sharing a common interest, a sense of responsibility, and trust. These are the words that first come to mind when I think of DOM.

In your view, what makes DOM unique?

I consider DOM and the people associated with it to be unique. Everyone brings a lot of passion and enthusiasm to the projects we work on. No one leaves anyone else hanging. We all help each other along. The projects are always successful as a result.

What do you tell your friends that you like the most about working at Roche and DOM?

I always beam with pride when I talk about Roche Diagnostics and DOM as well as my co-workers in DOM, and the exciting variety of tasks in my workday. Specifically in my role as Senior Launch Manager, I have contact with all interfaces in DOM. This is always very interesting.

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