Like Pigs in Clover

On March 13th, 2017, it was time for the trainees and students of the 2016 year to head off to the “Fit for the Team” week. After having spent a great week in Mainz about half a year ago, the anticipation was correspondingly great.

Framework Program: From actions in communications to zumba

After our arrival, we could independently separate into very diverse groups, in which the different training professions were represented. In the following hours and days, we did various exercises in these groups and learned all kinds of interesting things on the topics of communication, feedback and teamwork from our trainers. To ensure that movement wasn’t neglected, we all met every day for joint morning exercises. A different training group was responsible for the exercises each morning. As different as the training groups were, so diverse were the exercises: from zumba over dream trips to traditional athletic activities, there was a little of everything. Even at the end of the daily program points, shared time took center stage and diverse groups spent their evenings in common sing sessions together with musical support from the trainers, hiking to the local crater and exploring the localities in Prüm.

Special Activities: Competitions, Internet of Things and a Group Pig

By means of diverse competitions, such as the construction of a flying egg machine, a bridge or a four-wheeled vehicle, which competed against each other, the sense of community in the individual teams became stronger and stronger throughout the week. These strengths were then exploited by all of the teams in the so called 24-hour task. We knew in advance that the task would revolve around the motto of “Industry 4.0”. In this context, special subtopics, for example, “The Development Stages of Industry 1.0 to 4.0“,  “Trends and Drivers of Industry 4.0” or “Qualifications and Competence Requirements of Employees 4.0” were announced at the beginning. After a heated debate, these and other topics were divided amongst the individual team leaders. “When pigs fly” is what all of the trainees thought when they heard the details of the task: Each of the groups was expected to design an almost life-like pig sculpture individually aligned with their topic. Initial confusion was followed by the reflexive purchase of stress snacks at the local HIT market, after which all of the teams were ready to get down to realizing the task the very same evening.

Procedure: 24-hour Task

There was a lot of work to share: After all, not only did the pig have to be designed, but an entertaining presentation for the gala closing ceremony also had to be prepared, a group photograph taken and a brief information sign created for each pig. During the entire working time, not only was the acquired knowledge of the topics teamwork and communication applied, but constructive feedback was also given. The time really flew by, even faster than expected for some teams, and suddenly it was time for the gala closing ceremony. After all of the groups had to struggle with unforeseen technical challenges, all of the pigs were integrated in unique presentations. With gags that didn‘t even spare the Training Department and Severin Schwan, it was an all-around amusing final evening for the entire group. After #MAINZIGARTIG followed #PRÜMTASTISCH, so we are all already looking forward to the next shared week.

Maren Schubert, Johanna Schül, Nina Kazmeier

University of Cooperative Education students in Business Administration and Industry

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