Every journey starts with the first step - From group to team

Friends, joy, and a good team atmosphere are the basis for success at work. The introductory week in Mainz gave us an opportunity to get to know each other. But how did the group become a team?

Full of motivation and curiosity, we – apprentices and DHBW students – travelled to the youth hostel in Mainz with our trainers. And on the trip, we already shared with each other and made some friends, with many more to follow!

The week's program included group work, several camp "Olympics", and an outdoor rallye. The focus here was always on getting to know each other, and on working on teams.

In the group projects, we acted independently with direction from our trainers, who were always available when we had questions. On the teams, we worked on contents regarding several topics, such as one's correct conduct as an apprentice, or the company's history and products.  The group work was very useful for us because we got an initial rough overview of Roche and the individual skilled occupations.

And we had fun, too, of course! We presented the contents to each other, and there were no limits on creativity, from fun role-playing to multi-colored metaplan boards, all means of visualization were permitted and expressly encouraged.

For the camp Olympics, we had eight teams that were formed at the beginning of the week. Our ambition and motivation only increased when it was announced that one of the teams would be made up of trainers.  

We competed in three disciplines. Primarily, we had to prove our agility, aim, and speed. I found it especially exciting to see how early the teams had identified the strengths of each individual, and how they used them efficiently.

On Wednesday, we were greeted by bright sunshine for the outdoor rallye. Its goal was touching base at several stations in downtown Mainz. Watch it! This is where the correct tactics decided on the winner, for the different stations yielded different amounts of points and had to be done within a specific timeframe. 

In the evening, each team was assigned a task that had been kept secret until then. Each topic was to be acted out as a little play, using certain means (which were provided). After the starting shot, everything went very fast. Teams distributed the tasks, crafted stage sets, wrote cue cards, etc.  After dinner, all of the teams volunteered to keep working on their plays – that's how strong their intent to provide a good show and make their colleagues laugh was.

The week went by much too fast, and the final evening came way too early. Each team delivered a really funny and well-thought-out show. We couldn't stop laughing. Then the points gathered were added up, and the winning team of the week was announced.  We enjoyed the evening and celebrated the winners together with the Apprentices' Band, which had joined us just for that purpose.

I am absolutely certain that this week was great for getting to know each other, and that it has built and strengthened our team spirit.

Hüseyin Özdemir

DH student in Industrial Business Management

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