Everything starts in your head…

What does it mean to decide on a good level? In the end we still make this decision in our head, isn’t it?

We want to go into detail concerning this subject:

Every decision taken by a human is fixed in the brain. And we do not speak of a small amount considering that we make about 20.000 decisions a day. Many of them are taken so fast, we don’t even realize that a process took place. Additionally, not all decisions are taken rationally or economically. Are emotions creeping in the process and blurring the process? Or what is the reason for the lack of logical reasoning?

This is a topic which could flood the banks. Simplified and strikingly painted, we can describe it as follows: The center of thinking, the working memory, is of relatively low capacity. That’s why saving energy is an important principle. Therefore our brain switches into the ‘autopilot’-mode and uses short cuts and routines for current decisions. A lot of brands use these routines to influence decisions by emotions. One example is the brand Coca-Cola – In the 80s Brain researchers discovered in the famous ‘Pepsi-Coca Cola Test’ via functional MR-Imaging that the brand image of Coca Cola stimulates a region in the brain which evokes emotions. Therefore the subjects always preferred Coca Cola to Pepsi as soon as the brand name was known. In a blind-test, however, Pepsi could convince most of the subjects by its taste.

The most probing question is: Can we train these ‘autopilots’?

- Yes! That’s possible by detecting the traps in our minds and search for alternatives.

Emotions have an impact on our perception and deform our ability to decide. That is the case in every possible situation – as well as in the everyday business life. When we get in a situation which affects our emotions, rational decisions are difficult to reach. Therefore it sometimes is important to leave the familiar and ‘secure’ environment behind. New experiences effect a rethinking and every new challenge helps us to escape from usual patterns.

In the upcoming months, we want to engage in the topic ‘rethinking’ and how a change of perspective can have an impact on our environment. So be curious about it! :)

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