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Dennis, Product Manager at Roche Pharma in Grenzach

You work as a Product Manager for an oncological indication area. In addition to the development and implementation of the strategy for Germany, you have a very broad range of tasks: cross-functional work, training field force colleagues and cooperation with external opinion leaders. Roche is not your first stop in the pharmaceutical industry. And that as an economist – isn’t that unusual?

I don’t find that particularly unusual. The basic principles of marketing differ very little among the diverse industry sectors. The markets, customers and legal environment are very different, to be sure, and you work with a great deal of medical data in the pharmaceutical industry in particular, but that is precisely what makes it so fascinating: Anyone who already showed an interest in natural sciences in school, but at the same time also senses the businessperson in oneself, finds the perfect combination of both worlds in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s how it was for me. Before I started in the pharmaceutical industry ten years ago, I worked in other sectors. I always felt that something was missing. On joining the pharmaceutical industry, I clearly knew: I am in the right place!

Before you moved to Roche five years ago, you worked for a competitor. Why did you change to Roche?

At that time, I worked as a pharmaceutical representative in primary care for general practitioners and specialists as well as in clinics for about three years. I really enjoyed the work, where I had to adjust to new customers every day. For me, the next interesting step was the work as a product manager. One thing led to another and Roche offered me a corresponding position for the launch of a new drug. It didn’t take me long to decide. Roche has a super reputation as an employer, even amongst the competition, and I was very enthusiastic about the chance to start in marketing directly with a product launch!

Currently, two trainee positions for the Start-Up program are being advertised in marketing. In this 36-month program, the trainee starts in the field force and, after the intensive induction period, supports a region. This is followed by assignments in the office in Market Research, Medical Management, Market Access, Product Management and an excursion into the Finance area. What is particularly interesting about this program for business administrators?

The trainee program at Roche is very diverse. It prepares people very well for the subsequent tasks, for example, in product management. I find the experience in the field force as well as in medical management especially enriching for a future product manager. There will be a number of points of contact with these areas later. A good understanding of the tasks and perspectives of the colleagues broadens one´s own horizon and facilitates efficient and cross-functional work. After all, we all want to work successfully in our areas, but especially at Roche it is clear: Together we achieve more!

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