Project week in Prüm: Learning from common experiences

Communication and teamwork are two essential topics that are necessary for the daily work at Roche. Thus, the first year of apprentices and students from the sites in Mannheim, Waiblingen, Penzberg and Berlin drove together in the Eifel region for doing a project week.

An experience report by Marcel –assistant in office management from Mannheim

Within the project week in Prüm, we focused on the topics communication and teamwork. We therefore faced differences between verbal and non-verbal communication in different situations. This was further clarified by analyzing and evaluating facial expressions, gestures and postures.

Teamwork can be learnt

We had various group works about team building, giving feedback and manage conflicts, which were very helpful and informative. Additional tasks, which required creativity but also supported a certain fun-factor, were for example building a bridge, making a video or design a tower out of straws. During those tasks we eventually had to test our abilities to work within a team and whether the team assigned its tasks in an effective way.

Especially the so called ‚24-hours assignment‘ challenged us to deal with stress situations and still restrain nice towards other team members. This assignment was divided into two parts. On the one hand the groups should make a video about the topic ‘doing an apprenticeship at Roche’ and therefore include the values of Roche. On the other hand it was required to visualize one of the following Roche values in a window picture: courage, integrity, passion, diversity, innovation or sustainability.

Afterwards the different teams started with these projects. Especially the making of the video emphasized on advantages and barriers of teamwork, because all team members were a part of the movie.

First, tasks within the team were assigned. Who is in charge of information material? Who looks after the time? Who coordinates the team? Those and further questions needed to be answered first. After few discussions, we finally figured out how to work within the team and we were able to work for our solutions.

In review, the given tasks and workshops about communication and teamwork, really helped us to improve our skills to work within a team.

The given free-time wasn’t too short

During breaks as well as in the evenings we had some free-time for our hobbies or to take some action. My personal conclusion: It was a really exciting and instructive week in Prüm.

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