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Question again and again what is important for you in life!
Maira Trauzettel, Team Lead Patient Partnership at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach

Which abilities does a Patient Partnership Manager need to be successful?

The ability for cross-functional cooperation is important: A Patient Partnership Manager is not responsible for a certain product, but for a whole disease area, for example breast cancer. He/she works together with all teams at Roche that are involved with this area, but of course also with those affected or patient organisations. In everyday work this means much coordination at most diverse touch points. Enjoying the cooperation with people is therefore an important aspect to be successful.

How is the communication with patients organised?

Understanding the needs of the patients and their next-of-kin is of tremendous importance for us. It gives us the possibility of supporting the company exactly where it is needed. Helpful for us here is also the contact with the patient organisations. When and how we become active can thereby greatly vary. Firstly, it may involve helping patients to better understand their therapy or the handling of the medicinal products. But sometimes it specifically involves making a disease picture more well known to the general public.

Is there a typical CV for a Patient Partnership Manager?

In my team there are employees who come from field service and have collected great experience in their meetings with physicians in clinics and practice. Several Patient Partnership Managers come from the communication area and usually bring agency experience with them. What  unites them all is good communicative skills - and a great interest in people.

What does this direct contact with patients look like?

An important part of our work consists of jointly developing solutions with patients and finding out what helps them. This happens by means of creative workshops or also the personal exchange at patient events. Over and above this, we are also active in social media, where we receive direct feedback from the community. Patients also recount their stories here or give us direct feedback on our events.

When new employees begin working in your team, what do you tell them at the start?

A patient is a human being and remains that in spite of the disease. Repeatedly bringing this back into our own awareness is important for our daily work. It helps to be more open about what patients need in their everyday lives. The individual stands in the centre of focus of our work.

What is the most exciting aspect of your work?

No day is like any other. There are always phases where we can be creative. As the needs of the patients are at the centre of focus there are no predetermined factors, no templates. We always act in different ways. Roche is a company with a great innovative spirit. Through this there is much scope for creative solutions.

What are the motivations of applicants who want to become a Patient Partnership Manager?

Many submit applications because they want to help patients. This is completely legitimate and right. But more is required: The driving element should be that in the long-term one wants to change the situation for patients, and for this a strategic approach is needed. It is not so much about helping, but about co-operation and partnership.

What has impressed you most in your work?

I have met many patients who have suffered many strokes of fate. I was able to learn so much from them. For example, I have learnt how strong people can be. And it is decisive: Question again and again what is important for you in life!

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