Our policy at Roche: healthy nutrition from an early age

At Roche healthy nutrition is a major issue. HR Marketing has discussed that topic a lot in the past few weeks. The broad variety in our canteens allows our employees to enjoy a balanced diet. But, what about the younger generation? In Mannheim, Roche cooperates with a day nursery called „Krabbelkäfer“, in Penzberg with „Spatzennest“. In the daytime there are around 80 children of Roche employees supervised. Our HR Marketing team had a closer look at the menu since we also care about the nutrition of our youngest generation at Roche.

Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack - the day nurseries put great emphasis on a balanced and healthy diet. However, now and then a sweet treat is allowed, too. Both institutions receive their lunch from service providers. While doing so, Ines Seeger, Director of „Krabbelkäfer“, and Claudia von Grudzinski, Director of „Spatzennest“, place great value on the direct contact with their providers. Therefore the providers are able to adjust the meals to meet the specific requirements of their day nurseries, respectively.

Von Grudzinski and Seeger both care about giving the children a feeling for healthy nutrition and the correct preparation of meals starting from the youngest age. Therefore, they are allowed to help out with preparing the breakfast and little snacks in the nursery-owned kitchens every now and then. In the process, they also learn to only prepare the needed amount of food in order to avoid unnecessary leftovers. By doing so, they are sensitized with regard to a sustainable dealing with food.

The „Krabbelkäfer“ kids even have their own herb garden, which is made use of for their self-prepared meals. That way the children learn how the herbs look like, how they taste like and what they can be used for right from the start. According to the Director of the day nursery „Krabbelkäfer“, it is important for the kids to experience their food with all the senses. This also includes simply eating with their hands. Also in Penzberg at the day nursery directed by von Grudzinski the team is committed to give their kids a feeling for the diverse meals in a playful way. During a so-called colorful project week, each day of the week was associated with a different color: On Monday, for example, they only focused on green food products, on Tuesday on yellow ones. During that week the kids were allowed to join the trip to the supermarket and choose the according food products.

As a matter of course, healthy drinks are also crucial for a healthy and balanced diet. Both day nurseries follow clear rules: On-site they have water and unsweetened tea available. Juices and sugar-sweetened beverages are not permitted according to the two day care directors who also Our policy at Roche: healthy nutrition from an early ageget the parents involved in the nutritional concept. Sweetened fruit juice beverages and sweets should not be consumed by the children over day time. Only if all caregivers work together closely, the nursery teachers are able to ensure a healthy and balanced nutrition of the little ones during day care.

Great thanks to Ines Seeger and Claudia von Grudzinski for this interesting insight!

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