Eat smarter at the work place

What characterizes a well-balanced nutrition? How can I structure my nutrition correctly?

BU: The pyramid diary can help to keep track of one’s nutrition.

These and other questions of roughly 70 Roche employees were answered in a presentation about the topic “Eat smarter – good nutrition at the workplace” at the end of June. This event, organized by the HR Marketing department, took place within the campaign “balanced nutrition”. The speaker and nutritional scientist Verena Räsener gave the participants many useful tips about good nutrition.

A balanced nutrition is the basis for staying physically and mentally healthy and productive. As people differ in their energy and nutritional requirements, the nutrition needs to be adapted individually regarding amount, proportion and ingredients.

In the middle of June, the team challenge “5 per day” was started by the HR Marketing department. This topic was also addressed by Verena Räsener in her presentation. Many people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to eat two portions of fruit and three portions of vegetables each day. The nutritional scientist explained that one portion could also be replaced by a hand full of nuts. Additionally, not only fresh products are needed – also juice, conserved and frozen vegetables and fruits without added sugar are full of vitamins and minerals. Verena Räsener also presented a tool to help control one’s balanced nutrition – the pyramid diary. With the help of the diary the user can track how many portions he or she already consumed from every food group from the pyramid and what food he or she should focus on eating during the following days.

However, it was not only about listening – the participants could also actively test their sense of taste for healthy food at several stations. They learned that soy milk can be an alternative to cow’s milk, or that pink yoghurt does not necessarily taste like strawberries. Additionally, every participant received an apple as a giveaway – so they could already cross off one part of the pyramid.

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