Meet a Roche Recruiter – meet Friederike

Friederike supports the Roche Pharma Inc. recruiting team in Grenzach already for the second time. In this interview she gives us a deeper insight about the characteristics of Roche and which positions are declared vacant.

Why did you choose to work for Roche again?

As HR Interim Manager, I gained insights into many organizations and structures. It is the team that makes Roche very attractive. It is the perfect mix of professionalism, cordiality and sincerity. Out of an external view, I got the impression that all “Rochians” are striving for improving things. Everything can also be spoken about very openly. Hence, I also think of sensitive issues.  Others are just talking about appreciation and respect. Here, we are living for it. That motivates and gives joy.

What exactly makes Roche a great employer? We are asking you as an employee, not a recruiter

What I mentioned earlier, doesn’t only apply for HR or recruiting, but rather for the whole company. What makes Roche a great employer is, that people are treated as a whole, not only in one’s function or professional role. Roche is very serious about competitions like Great Place to Work or GEOS – a global, internal employee survey. That means that the participation alone isn’t enough, it’s only the beginning. The whole company – or rather – the whole executive board sets themselves the task to improve their leadership qualities. This, by the way, starts with the selection of employees (this needed to be mentioned by me as a recruiter ;-)). This affects the work itself, the possibilities for development, the equipment for workplaces as well as the value, which is emphasized by having a harmonic cooperation within business and private life.

Which future employees are you looking for? For which areas are you recruiting and which profiles are interesting for you?

In sum you could say that I’m recruiting all the “outgoing” positions – so: Sales, Marketing Specialty Care, Marketing Hematology/Oncology, Public Policy. I’m recruiting for all positions that are declared vacant in these areas, across all hierarchy levels. Currently, I’m looking for assistants, advisors, product managers as well as communication manager with different focuses.

Which characteristics and personal skills of applicants are fitting the most to Roche?

I’m focusing on people who are not only looking for a job that can pay the rent, rather those who are full of enthusiasm for their tasks and who are identifying themselves with the bigger aims of Roche. Those see themselves as a little cog in a big machine, without the transmission would standstill, personalities who are pushing the system by using professionalism, great ideas and humor.   

What are your recommendations for applicants who are interested in a position at Roche?

Roche is a very interesting employer, because they are investing a lot in their employees. But, this shouldn’t be considered for naturalness, it is mutual. So, those who are interested to work for Roche should take a close look on his- or herself and find answers for the following two main questions:

  1. Am I a proactive personality, who likes to take over responsibility and therefore motivate others? Which are my personal skills for contributing to the team?
  2. Do I have the necessary acquirements that are described in the job description?

To avoid misunderstandings: We are not speaking about heaven on earth, but we are definitely talking about a balanced “giving and taking” from both sides. This can only work, if both sides are contributing.

Are interested people allowed to get in touch with you? How?

Of course they are. Applications can be handed in via our online self-service. Within each job offer, we list the name and the phone number of the recruiter in charge of this position. For myself, I’m available via phone +49 (0)7624 / 14- 2412 or via Mail to I’m happy to get in touch with potential applicants.

To sum it up, I want to say:

One can only learn: either for oneself or as an organization.

We are thanking Friederike for the pleasant and interesting interview!

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