Webinar “Roche moves – employees are reporting live“

On March 26th, Roche allowed a deeper insight into the company and offered background information within the webinar series “Roche in Touch“. This time it was all about health and well-being, whereas doing sport and exercising were focused. The webinar included three main topics:

  • Exercising and sports besides daily business –  presentation by Hans-Thomas L., company doctor in charge  
  • Initiative Activity Tracker – presentation by Henrike B. and Guido S.
  • High-performance sports at Roche – presentation by Gottlieb B.
“Exercising and sports besides daily business“– presentation by Hans-Thomas L., company doctor in charge

Professionals tend to sit an average time of 7.5 hours each day. Overweight, back aches and cardiovascular diseases are just a few consequences one can gain from this inactivity. Hence, it is very important for Roche to create employee- and health-friendly workplaces: Besides special desks, which are editable in height so employees are able to work while standing on them, regular workout breaks are included into daily business, especially in e.g. the production areas. Those are implemented by so called Ergo-Scouts, who are motivating their colleagues to move themselves and who are additionally looking after the active breaks.

In addition, Roche has an active center on both sites - Mannheim and Penzberg. Besides the supervised muscle and endurance training areas, the active center offers various fitness courses. Furthermore, Roche employees can join several company-facilitated sports activities.

For this corporate sports program, Roche achieved the Corporate Health Award 2015 in the Excellence Class. The award honors companies which offer workplace health management in an exemplary manner.

In general, Dr. Hans-Thomas L. recommends a movement of 150-300 minutes per week of moderate intensity (dancing, gardening, walking) or 75-150 minutes per week in higher intensity (running, swimming, hiking). An alternative is the equivalent combination of both levels of intensity.

A training session should endure at least 10 minutes. Additionally, muscle strengthening and balance training should be included at least twice a week in the training plan.

“Initiative Activity Tracker“- presentation by Henrike B. and Guido S.

As you can see from our last posts, Roche raffled Activity Tracker in order to motivate our employees and to increase their exercises. Henrike B., an intern in the department of Medical Service, described her weekly sports activities such as swimming, cycling and running and gave an overview of how she used the Activity Tracker and how she integrated it into her daily life. Although Henrike basically does a lot of sports, the Activity Tracker, however, motivated her to exercise even more. Further, the Tracker confirmed that her motion behavior was already very good.

The conclusion by Guido S., who has worn the Activity Tracker for several weeks, was throughout positive as well. Besides the joy of movement, he became aware of his sleep deficit. The Tracker can be worn for 24 hours, even while showering or sleeping. It measures the different stations of motions and thereby, for example, shows how much relaxing sleep the carrier has had in one night. This was very interesting for Guido, because the importance of relaxation phases and the influence of exercising on the sleep got visible. Thus, the Activity Tracker helps to be more aware of one’s movement and resting periods.

“High-performance sports at Roche” – presentation by Gottlieb B.
At the end of the webinar, participants were given an insight into the world of high performance sports at Roche. Gottlieb B., who does canoeing actively since 1972, is a passionate dragon boater. In this discipline, he already participated in German Championships, European Championships and World Championships. Moreover, Gottlieb is a member of the German National Dragon Boat Team, with whom he has taken part in the Club World Cup in Ravenna in 2014. In this World Cup, the national team became Double World Champion in the categories 200 meters and 500 meters speed distance.

If the team wants to be successful in dragon boating, they need to coordinate themselves perfectly. For distances of 200 meters, 500 meters, 2.000 meters and 10.000 meters, each single stroke is important. Of course it is necessary to train hard and very often. Therefore, Gottlieb receives support from Roche and his colleagues. For competitions he is sometimes released from work up to seven days.

This summer, Roche employees from Mannheim have the great opportunity to try dragon boating or canoeing. Gottlieb likes to share his hobby with his colleagues and everyone, who is interested, is very much welcomed to join a training session.


We are thanking the speakers for these exciting contributions about the importance of health at Roche and the “sporty” insights they gave us into the company.

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