Roche Gardening – from the office directly into the garden

According to an old German folk wisdom ‘May makes everything new’.  We want to follow this saying and start our second campaign on health, which will focus on healthy nutrition.

A vegetable patch in the middle of a city center or even a rooftop? What might appear strange for some of you, found growing interest in many cities in the past years. This trend is called Urban Gardening - as far as urban settlement areas are used for horticultural purposes. The idea of this simple wording is rich in its content: fruits and vegetables can be cultivated and consumed locally in the city. Additionally, long transportation routes can be avoided. Besides the aspect of sustainability, it is also a lot of fun to grow and harvest vegetables by oneself. And besides: what could be better than tomatoes and radish from one’s own garden?

During the next few months, the spotlight will be on ‘healthy nutrition’. Further, sustainability is a value which Roche committed to and that’s the reason why we will have our own exciting Gardening Project, starting mid-May. About 20 of our interns and their supervisors are already waiting to get started with growing and harvesting vegetables and herbs themselves in raised flower beds on the Roche site Mannheim.

During the last week, Franz S., employee of our Site Services in Mannheim, offered hints and information on successful vegetable cultivation in a short workshop (see picture). On May 11th, the Roche Gardening Project will be kicked off by our management board: therefore they will give our interns useful equipment for gardening, immediately on the spot of our new ‘Roche flower beds’.

Of course we will accompany the project along the way, from seeding the plants to harvesting ripe vegetables. We are very excited about the results and will keep you informed about the latest happenings.

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