Roche Diagnostics Signs Nine New Cooperation Agreements for School Partnerships for the Years 2015 - 2018

The goal of the "School Partnerships 2015 - 2018" consists of supporting students in their im-portant step from school to professional life. For many years, the company has maintained close contacts to the schools in the city and the region in order to boost the young people's educational skills. Roche Diagnostics signed the cooperation agreements with nine schools in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar last week.

Dr. Ulrike Freundlieb, Mayor for Education, Youth and Health of the City of Mannheim, representatives from schools, educational authorities, politics, business, the Rhine-Neckar branch of the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK), the headmasters of the new partner schools as well as representatives from among the teachers, the parents' associations and the students, took part in the celebration.

"It is our goal to support students on the way to their professional future. The cooperation is therefore the basis for success and offers excellent potential opportunities for all the in-volved", says Elke S., Human Resources Director at Roche Diagnostics GmbH. "For us, the contact and the work with young people also means learning, shared experiences and mutual inspiration with many ideas." Mayor Dr. Ulrike Freundlieb emphasizes: "After 2007 and 2012, Roche will sign cooperation agreements with schools for the third time this year, and this makes me feel especially pleased as a mayor of the city of Mannheim. In a similar way as we do, Roche Diagnostics has the objective of providing optimal support for students with regard to their professional orientation. I would therefore like to thank Roche once again for their work and the establishment of the school partnerships; for not only providing material support, but also for their financial contribution and their involvement in school projects and events."

The contracts with a duration of three years define the framework conditions for an intensive cooperation among schools, parents, students as well as companies. The close alliance of this "educational block of four" shall support young people in their professional orientation and promote their qualification to start an educational program. Therefore, the company provides for example professional development for the teachers, helps organize project weeks or offers job application trainings and information sessions about individual vocational careers. In addition, an inter-school network shall be set up. Mutual consultation or contests across schools are meant to promote a shared use of different skill levels. Another project focus of the "School Partnerships 2015 - 2018" aims at raising the interest of parents and a stronger involvement in the educational and professional development of their children.    

The initiative for schools from the region and the cultivation of the school partnerships are essential aspects of the company culture at Roche. Roche Diagnostics offers vocational train-ing vacancies and dual study programs for commercial, technical and IT-related professions. At the moment, the company hosts approximately 300 vocational trainees in 15 professions at the Mannheim site.

You can find more information on our internship and vocational training vacancies as well as about Roche as an employer at

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